To maintain the health of the stomach and intestines .. eat radishes

The newspaper “Izvestia” published some important vegetables that contribute significantly to maintaining the health of the stomach and intestines, where Dr. Oksana Mikhaleva, an endocrinologist and a Russian nutritionist, announced some vegetables that significantly contribute to the preservation of the intestines, including radishes.

Radish is a low-calorie vegetable and eating it significantly improves the work of the intestines and stomach because it contains a large percentage of fiber, which contributes significantly to improving digestion, maintaining intestinal health and making you feel feels remarkably full for long periods of time, making it an effective treatment. For those who want to lose weight.

Medical studies have shown that radishes contain a high percentage of calcium and vitamin C, which contributes greatly to maintaining bone, hair and skin health, and also works to strengthen the immune system and fight infection with viruses. Reduce.

The radish contains the rare and important element silicon, which is necessary for the functioning of the intestines, the condition of bones, skin, hair and nails.

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