Turning off the Nintendo Switch (and its controllers)

Once you’re done playing with your Nintendo Switch console, you’ll probably just tap the power button at the top. However, pressing the power button once will not turn the device off completely. If you’re someone who’s concerned about your device’s battery life, you probably want to know how to turn off your Switch. The same goes for the controllers, which have built-in batteries. Let’s discuss how to turn off your Nintendo Switch and its controllers.

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To turn off your Nintendo Switch, press and hold the power button until you see a menu. Select Power management Switch off

To turn off your Joy-Cons or Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, they must be disconnected from and connected wirelessly to your Nintendo Switch device. Press the black button on the top of your controller and you should see the lights go out.


If you didn’t know already, quickly pressing the power button on your Switch will only put the device into sleep mode. This is why, when you tap the power button while the screen is off, the Nintendo Switch wakes up so quickly.

While this is very useful and a definite upgrade in terms of wake time compared to previous Nintendo devices, there are always times when you need to turn your device off completely. For example, if you need to upgrade your microSD storage, always do so with the device completely turned off.

Turning off the Nintendo Switch

With your Switch off the dock, in handheld mode, press and hold the power button for five seconds.

hold this down for five seconds

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Press A On Power management

select energy options

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select disable in power options

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How to disable a Nintendo Switch controller

There are two types of officially licensed Nintendo controllers: the joy-disadvantages and the Pro controller


You don’t really need to do anything to disable Joy-Cons. They turn off after a short while when the device is turned off.

However, if you’re using them separately from the console itself, you’ll need to press the round black button on the side to turn the Joy-Con off.

where is the power button on a nintendo switch joy con

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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

If your Pro Controller is connected to your Switch, you can always turn it off and unplug it by pressing the black button on the top of the controller. This is located next to the USB-C port.

where is the power button on a nintendo switch pro controller?

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There is no need to always turn off your Switch completely. However, it is always a good practice to turn off your devices completely to maintain a good battery health of the device and preserve a longer battery life.

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