Twitter launches Tweeten app for Mac, Windows as a replacement for TweetDeck

Twitter has launched the Tweeten application for Windows and Mac as a replacement for the outgoing TweetDeck application. Twitter had previously announced that it is parting ways with the TweetDeck app for Mac to focus on improving and testing Twitter’s new preview. The microblogging platform has announced that the app will no longer be available to Mac users on July 1, but users will still be able to access TweetDeck on the web. The new application is similar to the TweetDeck, making the transition phase easier for users.

The microblogging platform Twitter has announced that it has launched a new application called Tweeting for Windows and Mac. The new application looks like a replacement for the outgoing TweetDeck application. Tweeting has a similar user interface to TweetDeck, making it easier for users to switch from the old app to the new one. It allows users to tweet directly from the app and create columns of all the different topics that the users want to follow. The Tweeting app is integrated with the macOS Touch Bar which allows the users to access important shortcuts directly from the touch bar.

Tweeting also provides users with more ways than the TweetDeck app to customize the application to their preference. This can be done via the settings menu. Tweeting sends custom notifications to users that also allow them to retweet and like a tweet directly from the notification. Users can also choose where the notification appears on the screen and how long they remain visible. Twitter called the new application “TweetDeck, but with all the important features.” Users can now filter accounts and tweets based on what they want to see. Tweeting also allows users to download a video directly from Twitter.

People who want to download the Tweeten app on their Mac or Windows laptops and PCs can do so via the download link available on the Tweetnep website. Users can also choose to get the app as a Google Chrome extension.

Twitter had previously announced TweetDeck will no longer be available to Mac users from July 1. Twitter added that TweetDeck will remain accessible to users on the web.

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