Ukrainian bride who lost legs in explosion shares first dance

A Ukrainian nurse, who lost both legs in a landmine explosion, shared an emotional dance with her husband after she married him within the walls of a hospital.

The groom, Victor, was captured holding his bride, Oksana, in his arms as they danced in the hospital ward.

Oksana, a 23-year-old nurse from the eastern city of Lysychansk, was returning home with Victor when a Russian mine exploded beneath her on March 27, Ukraine’s parliament wrote on social media.

The pair were walking “on a familiar path,” and Oksana had turned to warn Victor of the impending danger just seconds before the mine exploded, the First Medical Association of Lviv said, according to Sky News.

Victor miraculously survived the explosion while Oksana lost both her legs and four fingers on her left hand. After undergoing four operations, Oksana was evacuated to Dnipro, where she continued to heal. The couple arrived in Lviv on the evacuation train last week and were preparing to get married in a hospital.

“Life should not be put off until later, Oksana and Victor decided, who in six years have never found time to get married,” the medical association said.

The couple, parents of two children, arranged a wedding dress for Oksana and bought wedding rings after arriving in Lviv. Volunteers also baked a cake for the couple, according to a Storyful report on Yahoo News.

Oksana and Victor officially took each other as husband and wife and celebrated their wedding in the ward of an operation center.

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