(Video) Blac Chyna under criminal investigation for battery after allegedly kicking woman in the stomach

It was a busy week of struggle for influencer and entrepreneur Black Chyna† She lost her $100 million defamation lawsuit against the Kardashian-Jenner family. Shortly afterwards, Chyna announced her plans to appeal the verdict. Then she revealed her booking in June with Boxing with celebrities† Now it looks like Blac Chyna got into another fight – this time with a woman named Sequoya King† According to TMZ, Sequoya claims a verbal altercation with Chyna turned physical with a kick to her stomach from the influencer.

According to Los Angeles Police Department sources, a battery report filed on May 6 lists Blac Chyna as a suspect. The police have launched a criminal investigation.

Meanwhile, Sequoya shared her side of what happened to Chyna Friday morning at an LA bar. Apparently Chyna was upset because she thought people were filming her. She then accused Sequoya of recording her, which Sequoya denies.

Chyna then allegedly took Sequoya’s phone from her hand and slammed it on the floor. A photo obtained by TMZ shows an iPhone with a cracked screen and back. Afterwards, Sequoya says that Chyna attacked her and kicked her in the stomach. At this point, Chyna’s friends reportedly got her out of the situation and put her in a car.

Watch the video HERE.

Video of the aftermath of the attack shows a crowd of people separating Sequoya and Chyna in a parking lot.

At the 1:15 am timestamp of the video, Sequoya seemingly posed a question to the model.

“Did you feel good when you kicked me in the belly”, Sequoya is said to have said.

Multiple conversations can be heard in the video, including screams and Blac Chyna seemingly denying the attack.

Sequoya King talks about arguing via social media

Although Sequoya shared her story with TMZ, she also went to her personal Facebook to share what happened. After telling the reported assault, she shared what she would like to gain from the situation.

‘Stop taking drugs, sister, it doesn’t look good. I have not been respected, yet I have remained humble,” Sequoya wrote. “It’s not about the money, I just want a new phone, and she should be held accountable for her actions!!! In the future I will take all measures to ensure that she does not cause any physical harm to anyone!!! Also to the aunt who pulled a gun, to you too!’

This is a story in development. Stay with us for updates!

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