Weather Sydney, Brisbane, Bathurst: Forecasters ‘worried’ by torrential rains

The miserable week of weather shows no signs of abating in eastern Australia.

A town in the Outback got its monthly average rainfall in just a few hours on Wednesday.

Precipitation totals may drop for a few days along the New South Wales coast on Thursday and Friday, but it will still be very wet.

Sydney could see 30mm between now and Friday during this major rain event.

And then over the weekend, the weather drama intensifies again with 60 to nearly 100mm falling on Sydney and possibly heavier falls elsewhere.

There are now real concerns for Saturday’s Bathurst 1000 with 25-40mm forecast in the gauge, along with thunderstorms for Mount Panorama.

Commenting on the system spreading the rain across NSW on Wednesday, the meteorological website Weatherzone summed it up by saying, “this thing is huge.” And it’s likely to only get bigger as the rain front rolls in over the weekend.

Dean Narromore of the Bureau of Meteorology said forecasters were particularly concerned because of the already soggy soil in the state.

“Many of our meters in inland New South Wales have been affected by minor, moderate or major flooding… that has increased in recent days.

“And this is before the predicted rainfall has even occurred. That is why we are so concerned about the rainfall in the coming days.”

Mr Narromore said the rain that plagued NSW on Wednesday will ease somewhat on Thursday and Friday.

“But then, unfortunately, another band will move through southern Queensland and northern NSW on Saturday, affecting the eastern parts of NSW, including the Sydney metropolitan area and the Hunter Valley and Central Coast. “

Sydney will see up to 125mm of rain on Sunday. On Thursday 15-20mm is possible. On Friday the totals dial back to 5-10mm and then 40mm is possible on both weekend days.

Wollongong is about as wet as Sydney, as are most coastal towns further south.

Newcastle will get less rain on Thursday and Friday, but then 15-30mm is possible on both Saturday and Sunday.

Inland, the heaviest rain falls in a band toward the northwest of the state. It is forecast to receive 60-100mm of rain between now and Sunday in Bathurst, with Saturday being the wettest day.

Even Bourke will get more rain on Friday and Saturday with a forecast of 45-70mm. That’s on top of the average busting Wednesday in October.

Canberra is looking at 15-20mm on Thursday, up to 30mm on Friday and another 15-40mm on the weekend.

Brisbane will see a few showers but will miss the worst of the rain. The wettest day is likely to be Sunday with up to 10mm of falls.

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