Werribee zoo welcomes Sheru | Wyndham

A roaring newcomer joins the gorillas, hippos and cheetahs on the African River Trail at the Werribee Open Range Zoo.

The five-year-old male lion is named Sheru, which means ‘lion’ in Hindi, and arrived last month from the new Sydney Zoo in western Sydney.

Sheru joins two lionesses, Nilo and Asali, but the zoo says Sheru is easily distinguishable from the females by his impressive golden mane and his particularly loud vocalizations that usually increase during rainfall.

Acting African River Trail Life Science Manager, Ben Gulli, said the arrival of Sheru marks a new era for lion conservation at the zoo.

“It’s very exciting that Sheru is joining the lion pride and establishing a new breeding group here,” said Mr. gulli.

“Werribee Open Range Zoo has been home to three litters of lion cubs over the past seven years and we hope

we can continue to support the conservation of this precious species for years to come.

“Sheru has settled in seamlessly and we can’t wait to see his confident and curious nature shine through in the coming days.”

Sheru is currently in quarantine for a month, but visitors to the zoo may find him curiously exploring the rear area of ​​the lion enclosure.

The zoo says lions in the wild are classified as vulnerable, with their species falling into decline due to hunting and habitat destruction.

It is estimated that there are only 23,000 people left in sub-Saharan Africa.

The zoo says their lions are part of an international and regional breeding program to preserve a genetically diverse pride that can support the conservation of wild lion populations.

All zoo visitors must pre-book online.

Details: zoo.org.au

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