What If Gwen Stefani HAD Gotten The ‘Mr. and mrs. Smith’ Role

In 2004, we learned about the butterfly effect from a pretty mediocre Ashton Kutcher movie that one critic claimed was “fuzzy at best and just plain sloppy the rest of the time.” But it turned the butterfly effect — basically how one tiny change can cause gigantic ripple effects — into something everyone could at least grasp outside of its roots in chaos theory and apply to everyday life. And now here we are nearly two decades later, ready to play a big “what if” game of the butterfly effect with the pretty absurd (and possibly untrue?) claim from Gwen Stefani that she was almost cast in 2005’s Mr. and mrs. Smith, but “Angelina beat me.” While you comprehend exactly how Gwen Stefani could go from having a super super small role in 2004’s The Aviator as Jean Harlow to quickly landing a lead role opposite Brad Pitt, we’re here to play out how Hollywood life would have been thrown upside down if it’d really gone down like that. Buckle up.

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