White Sox top Cubs, win second straight

There was a scrap in the leftfield blender during the fourth inning.

And after Keegan Thompson opened up the fifth by hitting consecutive White Sox hitters — Josh Harrison in the back and Tim Anderson in the left elbow — it looked like a fight was getting underway on the field after Anderson had some words for the auxiliary launcher of the Cubs.

In general, Tuesday night at Wrigley Field was too cold, too windy, too wet and too miserable to expend extra energy.

The Sox were happy to settle for a 3-1 win over the Cubs in the first of a two-game interleague series.

“I give the two teams a lot of credit,” said White Sox manager Tony La Russa. “And I looked at our team, there wasn’t one guy who was afraid to get involved. It was really great to watch. It was hard for batters, defenders and pitchers.

“I mean, I just can’t give the two teams enough credit to just really compete. It was brutal. It was a really great exhibition from both teams.”

In 132 games as a major league player and 2,831 as a manager, La Russa said Wrigley Tuesday weather conditions were in his top 10 for bad.

With a playing temperature of 45 degrees and the wind blowing from the north at 23 mph, the Sox made the most of it.


“It’s Chicago,” said rightfielder Gavin Sheets. “You have to embrace it, get out there and play hard at it. That’s all you can do.”

Michael Kopech started for the White Sox and had 4 hits and 2 walks over 4 scoreless innings. The righthander also struckout 5 batters.

“The wind was the most important thing,” Kopech said. “The wind changed direction every inning. It can be frustrating, but that’s part of the game. Sometimes it works with you, sometimes it works against you. Today I felt like I could work with it for the most part. Not so terrible. “

The Sox took a 2-0 lead in the second inning on Jake Burger’s infield single and Reese McGuire’s safety squeeze, meaning Adam Engel scored from third base.

Tim Anderson completed the score in the third inning and somehow hit a home run from the opposite field to the right.

“Hitting is hard enough, but Tim has some kind of power that way,” said La Russa. “I’m not complimenting his off-field power because soon he’ll try and he won’t hit his .300. Let him hit .300 and he’s going to hit plenty of home runs. But he just has a live bat.”

With reliever Jose Ruiz on the mound in the sixth inning, Nico Hoerner drove in the Cubs’ lone run with a double that scored Ian Happ.

The forecast for Wednesday is not much better and Lucas Giolito will start for the White Sox. Even though he is from California, Giolito has a lot of experience in dealing with bad conditions.

“For me personally, I think we’ve been playing in the cold weather for a number of years and in these early months and there are certain things you do, little shifts from the routine to make sure you get nice and warm before you, your stays warm between the innings,” said Giolito. “You have to expect that the pace might be a little bit lower. It’s harder to move that fast in cold weather, so plan accordingly.

“The thing with cold weather is it’s not fun to pitch, but it’s not fun to hit either. So you find ways to take advantage of what makes it not fun there. I’m looking forward to some warmer weather, but before then because you continue to make do with what we have.”

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