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Alec Baldwin64. was prosecuted for two counts of involuntary manslaughter in the shooting of Rust camera operator, Halina Hutchins, in New Mexico on October 21, 2021. First District Attorney of New Mexico Mary Carmack-Altwies released the shocking allegations in a press release today, more than a year after the fatal shooting took place. The release stated that the sentence for the first charge would include 18 months in prison with an additional $5,000 fine. However, according to the prosecutor’s release, the second charge against Alec carries a mandatory five-year prison sentence. Hollywood Life spoke with the criminal lawyer and the appellate lawyer, Matthew Bartoma, founder of Barhoma Law and Power Trial Lawyers, who told us in an EXCLUSIVE interview why Alec’s decision to speak out over the past year could actually hurt his chances of defeating these charges.

Alec Baldwin Press Release

“Alec Baldwin really thought he wouldn’t be charged,” Barhoma said. “He gave us a recap of how the law works, compiling his own statements and homemade videos. Those things could never help him. They can only hurt him,” said attorney Barhoma, who does not work with Alec but is familiar with New Mexico law. “They can only be introduced to hurt him. This is how the proof code works. I think he’s learning very quickly what the consequences are of talking so loudly during an investigation.’

As reported, at the age of 42, Halyna was shot and killed on the set of Rust by a bullet fired from a wad pistol. Director Joel Souza was also injured after the incident, but survived. The gunsmith for the movie, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed — whose job was reportedly to make sure the gun contained no live bullets — was also charged. The assistant director of the film, David Hallsreached a plea deal and was charged with negligent use of a deadly weapon.

Watch the full interview below to find out why lawyer Barhoma thinks the acclaimed actor’s past could come back to haunt him.

HL: Do you believe the charges against Alec Baldwin were justified? Why or why not?

LAWYER BARHOMA: I do believe they are the correct accusations. I think the prosecution was smart and filed the right charges. The last thing you want is an overzealous persecution. Manslaughter is all about negligent homicides. The fact that we see charges of manslaughter makes a lot of sense. :

HL: Alec’s lawyers are confident they’re going to win this case. Do you agree?

LAWYER BARHOMA: I think he can make a plausible defense. However, the problem with him will be all the fame he gained after that. He has made multiple statements, including even talking about whether he pulled the trigger. That is now a point of discussion for him. Another factor will be his sympathy. I think his credibility and sympathy are out the window. It’s a bit shattered. From a defense perspective, they will have to rebuild a lot. And that can be difficult.

HL: Do you think the accused gunsmith will accept a plea?

LAWYER BARHOMA: It is possible. You never know when a plea deal will come about and what the terms of that plea deal will be. The New Mexico prosecutor could strengthen their own case by simply pleading everyone and having them testify against Baldwin. I mean, they already have one. Yes, just need another one.

HL: How long will it take for this to go to court?

LAWYER BARHOMA: This has been an ongoing investigation, so I have no reason to believe there won’t be a speedy trial. The prosecution has filed the right types of charges. They are adamant in their case. And if they get that other plea deal, that will speed things up even more. I think you’re probably looking at a verdict in a case like this before the end of the year.

HL: Would it be wise for Alec to take the stand?

LAWYER BARHOMA: If this was a self-defense case, he really should testify, but this is all about negligence. I don’t think there’s any allegation that he was negligent, so I think taking the stand on his own might not be the best course of action for him.

HL: Is he allowed to work during this process? What about travel?

LAWYER BARHOMA: That depends on the terms of his bond. A hearing will take place. I think he can travel and work. He clearly lacked willpower. This is not like a criminal act where he sought murder. With its lack of willfulness, the band will be pretty lenient.

HL: If you could give a percentage chance that Alec could be found guilty. Based on your own experience, what percentage would you say?

LAWYER BARHOMA: I can’t talk about that. But I do think that the prosecution has been smart in filing the right charges and that makes it much more difficult for him.

HL: How much jail time will he get if found guilty and convicted?

LAWYER BARHOMA: This is a charge of manslaughter. It is one of the lowest degrees of murder. And there is no intentional factor. When we think about punishment, and how to punish a defendant, we look at their degree of willfulness, and that doesn’t really exist here.

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