TikTok videos of people eating liquid, nitrogen-infused snacks prompt Indonesia’s Health Ministry to issue a warning

JAKARTA: The Indonesian government has urged local health authorities to monitor food businesses and asked parents to be more vigilant after reports that several children have been injured after consuming some sort of liquid, nitrogen-infused snack. The snack – known locally as chiki ngebul and often referred to as “dragon’s breath” – is a type … Read more

Prince William’s popularity plummets in the UK while Harry becomes the favorite royal in the US – National

Prince William is facing a significant dip in popularity in the UK after his brother, Prince Harry, shared some unflattering revelations about the heir apparent in his new memoir, Reserve. The Prince of Wales’s popularity with the British public has plummeted since the book was published last week, according to polls conducted by Ipsos and … Read more

Russia’s former president threatens to unleash nuclear war if his country loses the war with Ukraine

(CNN) Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Thursday threatened to use nuclear weapons if his country lost the war in Ukraine. “The loss of a nuclear power in a conventional war could lead to the outbreak of a nuclear war,” Medvedev, who holds the position of deputy head of Russia’s Security Council, said via Telegram. … Read more

Bud Light and Budweiser are getting a makeover at this year’s Super Bowl

New York CNN — Anheuser-Busch may no longer be the only alcohol brand advertising during the Super Bowl, but it will still have a big presence — even if rivals seize the opportunity after a 33-year drought. The beer company announced Thursday that it will have three minutes of national airtime during this year’s big … Read more

Toronto’s mayor says the city should consider putting mental health professionals on the transit system

Mayor John Tory says the city should look into putting mental health professionals on the transportation system because of growing safety concerns. Tory made the comment at a news conference on Thursday, a day after a man was allegedly assaulted at Bloor-Yonge Station in what police have described as a “suspected hate-motivated crime”. Tory didn’t … Read more

‘Send a Message’: The ABC Vancouver City Council shifts city priorities

Breadcrumb Trail links Opinion News Local news Columnists Analysis: ABC came to power with a strong mandate in last October’s election, and now they’re making their mark on city operations. A mural under construction by Maddy Andrews, created through the VANDU art table program, helps VANDU members remember loved ones lost during the drug overdose … Read more

ACT Australian of the Year 2023: Olympia Yarger

Olympia Yarger is a climate action campaigner, maggot farmer and founder of the Insect Protein Association of Australia. Olympia, the founder of the agritech start-up Goterra, is a pioneer in insect farming and has developed an innovative waste management system management system that uses maggots to handle food waste and reduce greenhouse gases. ABC’s Lish … Read more