Greyhound trainer faces allegations that he gave a dog alcohol to arrange a race

A dog trainer has appeared in court charged with giving alcohol to a dog to corrupt the results of a race in central western New South Wales. Most important points: 63-year-old has been accused of giving alcohol to a greyhound before a race He is accused of betting on a rival dog to win $4,000 … Read more

US, Taiwan start formal trade talks under new initiative

TAIPEI, Aug. 18 (Reuters) – The United States and Taiwan agreed on Wednesday to begin trade talks under a new initiative, saying they wanted to reach agreements with “economically meaningful results,” another sign of increased U.S. support for the island. Washington and Taipei unveiled the US-Taiwan Initiative for Trade in the 21st Century in June, … Read more

Al-Ahly Bank Reveals.. Did Zamalek Ask To Record Nasser Mansi? – kooora

Al-Ahly Bank Reveals.. Did Zamalek Ask To Record Nasser Mansi?kooora News in the Joule – the full story of Zamalek’s interest in contracts with Nasser Mansi and Ahmed Did Zamalek get the signature of the Al-Ahly Bank duo? The club president respondsKora Plus The Zamalek striker is close to Al-Ahly BankSports 360 Saudi See … Read more

Nintendo Reportedly Investigating Sexual Misconduct Claims

Nintendo can respond quickly to allegations of sexual discrimination and harassment at its US division. A my box A source reportedly shared a company-wide message from Doug Bowser, president of Nintendo of America, revealing that the Switch maker is “actively investigating” allegations of misconduct. The company “will always” investigate claims like these and encourages employees … Read more

‘$70,000 CEO’ Dan Price resigns as head of Gravity Payments over assault allegations – GeekWire

Dan Price, CEO of Gravity Payments, will appear in court in 2016 for a lawsuit brought against him by his brother and former business partner. Price, who is charged with assault and reckless driving, resigned as CEO on Wednesday. (GeekWire file photo / Todd Bishop) Dan Price, who made international headlines seven years ago for … Read more