Bulgaria.. What after Parliament overthrew the government?

June 23, 2022 9:49 PM

Bulgaria faced a power vacuum on Thursday after a vote of no confidence overthrew Prime Minister Kirill Petkov’s government.
The country faces the prospect of holding its fourth general election in just over a year.
Yesterday, Wednesday, a majority of 124 deputies supported the vote of the conservative opposition party “Jereb”. The social-liberal coalition, led by Petkov, lost its absolute majority two weeks ago after its ruling populist partner withdrew.
The president’s office said the government must now formally resign before President Rumen Radev begins consultations with the seven parliamentary blocs.
However, Petkov is in Brussels today, Thursday, to attend the European Union’s summit and talks with his colleagues in the Western Balkans.
Petkov’s government came to power for only six months.
What comes next is complicated, as Radev now has to ask Petkov’s anti-financial-corruption party, We Keep Change, to try and form a new government, as it has the largest parliamentary faction.
However, Petkov cannot rule without a coalition partner supporting his party’s 67 deputies in the 240-seat parliament.
But he expressed his confidence, after Wednesday’s vote, saying that “the We Continue to Change party is ready to accept its first electoral mandate”.
If Petkov fails to form a new government, the mandate will go to the Gerp party led by former Prime Minister Boyko Borissov. However, they plan to refuse the mandate. When three failed attempts to form a government fail, new elections are held.
These parliamentary elections, if organized, will be the fourth since April 2021.

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