Democratic Candidate Challenges Florida Gov Ron DeSantis Over Gun Violence

A Democratic congressional candidate for Florida’s 10th district asked Governor Ron DeSantis to take action against gun violence at a June 2 event in Orlando, video shows. Maxwell Alejandro Frost posted this video to Twitter, documenting his questioning of the incumbent Republican governor at Thursday’s event, titled “Don’t Burn This Country,” at Orlando’s Plaza Live. As you approach the stage, you can hear Frost say, “Governor DeSantis, we’re losing 100 people a day to gun violence… Governor, we need you to take action against gun violence.” “Nobody wants to hear from you,” DeSantis responds. The footage shows Frost being escorted outside as the crowd gets angry. Two other activists also interrupted the event, challenging DeSantis about Florida gun laws before being told to leave; see here and here. Credit: Maxwell Frost via Storyful

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