Golf News 2022: LIV Golf Texts Between Greg Norman and Sergio Garcia Revealed

Text messages have been exchanged between Greg Norman and Sergio Garcia leading up to LIV Golf.

Golfers who joined Norman on the Saudi-backed LIV Tour are indefinitely banned from the PGA Tour, and a group led by Phil Mickelson is suing them for violations of antitrust laws, claiming the Tour doesn’t have jurisdiction. to inflict that penalty. As part of that suit, the golfers presented text messages between Norman and Garcia, who took part in the rebel tour in June.

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The text messages reveal that Garcia relayed the PGA Tour’s plans to implement the ban on golfers when the LIV defectors happened.

After sending short pleasantries on February 11, Garcia got to work and texted Norman, “I just wanted to see how the League is doing because it seems like a lot of those guys loved it and got excited about it last week. were left, are now shitting their pants.”

Norman replied, “Tomorrow. Everything is going very well. I didn’t hear the white noise of shitting their pants. Who are you referring to so I can do a check?’

Garcia replied that it was “some of the younger guys” and that he thought “the (PGA) Tour reached out to them and scared them a bit and being young I think it worked”.

Norman was adamant that the PGA Tour did not have the legal standing to issue a ban.

“If you have names I can contact them,” he texted.

“As for the Tour, if they banned players, they would have already done that. They know they can’t take action beyond verbal threats. If you can get them or a player threatened to get it (in writing) fantastic. Thank you.”

The text messages in the lawsuit were discovered by Dylan Dethier from Golf Magazine.

Six days after the first exchange, Garcia informed Norman that the Tour has told our managers this week that those who sign with the League are banned from the Tour for life! I don’t know how we can get enough good players to join the League under (these) conditions. What do you think.”

Norman reassured Garcia that this would not be legal.

“They can’t ban you for a day, let alone life,” Norman texted. “It’s a superficial threat. Ask them to put it in writing for you or another player. I bet they don’t. I am happy for everyone to speak with our legal team to better understand that they have no chance to enforce.

“Who said there would be a lifetime ban? And to whom? You? Or your broker? What do they say specifically? Important to know these facts. I’ll also get something to show you why they can’t.”

Garcia explained that he understood what had happened.

“The commissioner met with the 5 or 6 largest golf managers’ agencies, including mine, and first told them that if one of their players signed to the (LIV) league, they had to leave the room and then they talked about what the (PGA Tour) in the future and that anyone who signs with (LIV) will be (banned) from the (PGA Tour) for life. I would like to get it in writing, but I doubt they will,” he wrote.

Garcia eventually joined LIV Golf after an epic meltdown on the PGA Tour in May.

Top golfers who have reportedly earned more than AU$143 million each from LIV Golf include Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau.

This article originally appeared on the New York Post and is reproduced with permission

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