Good Samaritans Jump Into Action to Rescue People on Tracks at NYC Subway Stations – NBC New York

It was another dangerous day in the New York City subway, where at least three different riders fell onto the tracks.

One man died in Queens when he was hit by a train, but two others — one in Brooklyn and another in Times Square — survived with the help of Good Samaritans.

Cellphone video showed two men hoisting up another man to safety, after he had fallen onto the tracks late Wednesday at the busy Times Square subway station.

“There was no time for hesitation, I was fortunate to be there to save this man’s life,” said Denis Pupovic.

He said he doesn’t know how exactly the man wound up on the tracks. Pupovic and his coworker, Eamon Carey, simply jumped down to help when they saw the man lying face down, and in grave danger.

“I didn’t know what was happening. Denis didn’t hesitate, we had no conversation — next thing I know we’re on the tracks pulling this guy up,” said Carey. “I just think it’s the right thing to do, that’s all it is.”

The two said they don’t want to be called heroes, they simply saw what what was unfolding in front of them and did not hesitate — because they didn’t have time to hesitate, with a train pulling in as they were jumping down to help save the man.

“There was a train coming, but it was far enough away,” Pupovic said. “There wasn’t much time, believe me.”

About an hour later in Park Slope, another rescue went down after a man fell onto the tracks at the Fourth Avenue/Ninth Street station, police said. He and a Good Samaritan rolled under the platform as a train was pulling in, narrowly avoiding being hit.

In Queens, police said they are investigating after a man in his 30’s ended up on the 7 tracks at Junction Boulevard. He was struck and killed by train after slipping off the platform.

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