Here’s what you can expect with today’s Burnie weather

At 4am today, expect a dry day with a dew point of 7.6. The temperature will feel more like a cool 4.8 with a relative humidity of 98 per cent. The highest expected temperature today is 23, which is 3 degrees higher than yesterday’s max. Today’s maximum will be topped on Monday, but cooler conditions are expected on five of the next six days. The chance of rain today is 5 per cent. Showers are more likely tomorrow with the Bureau of Meteorology forecasting a medium (40 per cent) chance of rain. The UV index is predicted to be 6. There is a high risk of harm from sun exposure. Experts suggest reducing sun exposure around noon, using eye protection, sunscreen and cover up to protect from sunburn. Winds will be west-southwest around 10 km/h in the morning shifting to west around 12 km/h in the afternoon. Details for the next six days: Saturday, March 26: Partly cloudy. Min – 12. Max – 21. Sunday, March 27: Partly cloudy. Min – 14. Max – 21. Monday, March 28: Shower or two. Min – 15. Max – 24. Tuesday, March 29: Partly cloudy. Min – 12. Max – 20. Wednesday, March 30: Partly cloudy. Min – 11. Max – 18. Thursday, March 31: Partly cloudy. Min – 7. Max – 15.

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