Karin Jinsu & Key Glock Spark Dating Rumors (Photos)

The streets have been talking about rapper Key Glock dating influencer Karin Jinsu for a while, but it seems she’s finally given hints that she’s been booing the rapper. Karin took to her Instagram story and showed the arm of a man with tattoos with his hand wrapped around her neck. As she looked into the camera, she captioned the post “mood.” The gworls on Twitter were immediately upset when they saw the video.

Look what the girls said.

While Glock’s face was not present in the video, his various tattoos were a dead giveaway. This isn’t the first time there have been rumors of the two being an item. In February, the two posted photos in Aspen, Colorado. Many noticed the similar background and matching Christian Dior outfits.

This isn’t the only time Glock has been linked to influencers. In June 2020, it was rumored that he was dating Lira Galore. However, he never claimed her publicly.

Glock was also linked to Latto. Last April, he stepped into The Shade Room live on Instagram and stopped that rumor.

Housemates, what do you think of Karin and Key Glock being a possible couple?

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