Kris Terzievski defeats Paul Gallen by unanimous decision in Australasian heavyweight title fight

Former NRL star Paul Gallen showed his trademark resilience and heart, but ultimately failed to claim the Australian and Australasian heavyweight titles when Kris Terzievski took a unanimous decision win.

All three judges scored the game 97-92 in favor of Terzievski, who had deducted a run in the seventh for pushing.

“What a warrior,” Terzievski, who had a height advantage of 14 cm and was eight years younger than Gallen, said of his opponent.

Gallen, who declined to say whether he would retire from boxing, his second sporting career after 19 years in the NRL, was easily second best in the fight from the start.

Terzievski outclassed Gallen in the early rounds as the 32-year-old Victorian used his superior boxing skills and hand speed to stay out of trouble.

Gallen looked increasingly sluggish as he was forced to chase the taller man through the ring, while Terzievski tenderized his body with a series of powerful left hooks.

However, as Gallen appeared to be heading for a heavy defeat, the 40-year-old found some extra resilience and staggered his exhausting opponent with an overhand right in the ninth round.

The crowd felt a stunning comeback, with Gallen roaring as both men retreated from their stools for the final three minutes.

However, Gallen ultimately fell short as Terzievski avoided any meaningful last-lap showdown to take the win.

It was Gallen’s second professional defeat, leaving him with a career record of 12-2-1, as Terzievski advances to 11-1-1.

On the undercard, Harry Garside (3-0) defended his Australian lightweight title against Layton McFerran (5-2) with a seventh round TKO.

Garside dominated the match with a flashy performance full of speed and accuracy, but still left pundits behind in the first place for his lack of knockout power.

The lack of a final punch could be explained by yet another hand injury that caused Garside to seep blood through his pack at the end of the fight.

But that matter is perhaps more worrisome for his long-term career prospects.

Also on the undercard, Nikita Tszyu (2-0) destroyed Mason Smith with a brutal first-round TKO that labeled his older brother Tim a ten out of ten performance.

Tszyu unloaded his stunning power on previously undefeated Smith (5-1), who was knocked down by a thunderous uppercut just before the end of the round before the referee intervened.

Sam Goodman also took the win by defeating Fumiya Fuse to claim the IBF intercontinental and WBO Oriental super bantamweight titles.

Check out how all the action went in our live blog.

Live updates

By Simon Smale

Thank you for being with us

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Well, that was a really nice way to spend a Wednesday night.

Thank you so much for being with us for everything.

We saw some great boxing tonight as well as some great perseverance from Paul Gallen who showed such great heart in the defeat.

There are some top fights coming up in the coming months, including Kambosos-Haney and Opetaia-Breidis here in Australia, so I hope you’ll join us for those fights too.

Thanks for all your kind words in the comments.

Have a good evening.

By Simon Smale

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By Simon Smale

‘That’s something I’m very proud of’: Gallen

Paul Gallen still talks about the growth of boxing he helped.

“There are so many people from the boxing world who come to me before the fight tonight to thank you for all you’ve done for Australian boxing and that’s something I’m really proud of.

“I said that from day one I am very happy to promote this sport and these other boxers.

“I’m so happy for Harry [Garside] and Sam [Goodman]Has Hamden and the girls too…and Nikita [Tszyu]†

“I’m happy to promote the sport and bring it back to where it is today and keep those guys’ fingers crossed that they can continue.

“It took a while to turn most of you around, but hopefully I’ve done that now and we’ll see what happens next.”

Audience Commentary by Han

As always enjoyed your call Simon. I wish I had some of Gallen’s resilience and some of young Harry’s lightness on his feet. I’m not so sure about Nikita yet. I hope he can get some maturity and humility to match his power hits. And the ladies did the sport proudly, as did Gallen and I wish him and you the best.

Audience Commentary by Steve

Great blog Simon, thank you!

By Simon Smale

You should be a judge Simon who scores identical to the real judges 😉


Enjoyed tonight mate and your points predictions are pretty impressive. Who do you like for the footy tips this week?


Thanks, but I promise you don’t want me to tip you…

By Simon Smale

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Audience Commentary by Maa

Great call Simon and glad Gallen stuck there to the end – impressive mental and physical toughness!!!

Audience Commentary by Andrew

All in all a great performance from Gallen. He will look back on this with pride

By Simon Smale

Paul Gallen says he got old, no decision on retirement

Paul Gallen speaking.

“I felt a little tired in the middle rounds,” he says, before being interrupted by Terzievski, who had forgotten to thank his fiancée.

“I think there’s an old saying, age in undefeated and it kind of caught up with me,” he says.

“In boxing you don’t get old between fights, you get old between rounds.”

He says he will not make any decisions about his retirement yet.

‘I don’t know. Of course I’m not going to make any decisions now.’

By Simon Smale

Kris Terzievski had to go to ‘deep dark places’ to take the win

Kris Terzievski is speaking.

“That was a great audience to perform for,” he says, saying the Newcastle audience was “wild”.

He is full of praise for Paul Gallen.

‘What a warrior. I’m still full.

“I just had to be disciplined.

“I’m even proud of myself for having the legs to carry myself [on four weeks notice]†

“You have to go to some deep dark places to cross the line in that fight.”

He says he will focus on the new bridgerweight division and thinks he will be a “big player” in that division

By Simon Smale

key moment

Kris Terzievski beats Paul Gallen unanimously

All three judges scored it 97-92.

By Simon Smale

Gallen vs Terzievski, verdict

Despite Gallen’s brilliant last few laps, I scored it 97-92 in favor of Terzievski.

Terzievski was just too clinical and precise.

But that ninth lap just made us think that something incredible could happen…

Let’s see how the judges scored.

By Simon Smale

Gallen vs Terzievski, round 10

This can be so epic. Can Gallen perform a miracle?

Or will Terzievski recover in time?

Gallen steps forward, Terzievski runs around the ring as fast as he can.

Now they get to work.

Gallen walks forward and Terzievski is booed as he runs away from Gallen.

Good shot by Terzievski, who is way out of reach at the moment.

Terzievski now beats and runs, begging for the last bell.

The crowd cheers like crazy when the referee steps in to clear the band.

Gallen continues to hunt, but cannot get close.

NOW HE CAN! Gallen lands with the right but Terzievski dodges neatly.

Terzievski moves again, but narrowly missed an overhand to Gallen’s right.

Terzievski turns left and then runs away.

Terzievski gets off his bike long enough to celebrate when the bell rings and Gallen turns around in disappointment.

By Simon Smale

Gallen vs Terzievski, round 9

Gallen comes forward and swings and misses with a loop to the right.

Terzievski with a one-two but Gallen walks through and gets his own right.

Gallen gasps and grimaces as he tries to free his hands in the clinch.

Terzievski bounces on tiptoe and throws a jab and a deadly uppercut.

Gallen works really hard in the corner and lands once, twice right to the head.

Terzievski with some wild shots, misses with an uppercut and landing with left to the body.

Gallen lands with rights, the crowd rises and roaring Paul Gallen here!

Gallen with a brilliant overhand right, and another, Terzievski is forced back.

Terzievski wobbles! Gallen with justice! And a left! Brilliant heart from Gallen!

Gallen and Terzievski wrestle, tape flying everywhere and Terzievski can barely get up!

Is there any hope for a blast from the final round!?

Audience Commentary by Derek

Audience Commentary by DB

Gallen’s lack of skill is backed up by a big engine

By Simon Smale

Gallen vs Terzievski, round 8

Gallen marches and forces Terzievski back.

Terzievski pulls back, but still lands quite a left side to the body.

Gallen with left to the body, he misses with overhand right.

Gallen is warned against hitting the back of the head.

Gallen gets a right, and another! Terzievski just misses with an uppercut.

Terzievski misses with an uppercut as they take the clinch.

Gallen lands a big right, but Terzievski lands with a big own right.

Terzievski threw some big shots and Gallen could stay here!

Gallen still comes out, his husband is 40 years old and has a motorcycle like no other. unbelievable.

One-two from Terzievski to the body.

Terzievski just misses with a big left and now he shoots Gallen into the corner.

Gallen lands an overhand right on the bell that Terzievski mostly covered with his guard, but both men are now exhausted.

By Simon Smale

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Audience Commentary by Shaun

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