Lankan Filling Station x Providoor Masterclass

Cook Sri Lankan fish curry, dahl, pol sambol, devilled cashews and more alongside top chef O Tama Carey – in the comfort of your home.

Lankan Filling Station is one of Sydney’s best restaurants. Chef and owner O Tama Carey – one of the most respected chefs in Australia – wanted to bring her experience of Sri Lanka to more people, and does so through delicious food, topnotch produce and generous hoppers (bowl-shaped crepes made from fermented rice flour ).

Now she’s also spreading it through Lanka Food, a new cookbook that explores the diverse peoples, histories and flavors of the small nation. There are essays that provide more insight into the unique cuisine, alongside recipes that give home cooks a deeper understanding of food’s central place in the culture.

To celebrate the launch, she’s hosting a cooking masterclass with Providoor, and you’re invited. She and chef Shane Delia (owner of Melbourne’s Maha and founder of Providoor) will be cooking live on Instagram, but everything you need for the cook will be sent to your door.

The cooking kit includes all the ingredients needed to make devilled cashews, fish curry, dahl, pol sambol, rice, milk toffee and brown curry powder, as well as a signed copy of lanka† There’s also an option to add three packs of Lankan Filling Station’s own curry powders. By the end of the class, you’ll have a Sri Lankan feast for two and a cookbook you can return to over and over.

Orders close at 4pm on Friday March 18, with delivery on Friday March 25 and the live class beginning at 7pm on the same day. Delivery of the kit is free.

Order your box here.

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