“LeBron James Wants To Be A Laker To The Death And The NBA Is Making Him A Part”

According to recent reports, LeBron James is in active talks with the LA Lakers about a contract extension. NBA analyst Skip Bayless believes James has no influence over the Lakers because he loves the city and wants to stay.

James, who will turn 38 in December, is approaching the end of his career, a career full of success. The topic where he will end his career has been discussed in the NBA community.

Former teammate Kevin Love would like to see LBJ return to the Cleveland Cavaliers. He believes a statue to James will be erected.

“He’ll have that statue. I can’t wait for that to go up, I’ll be there.”@kevinlove talk @King James possibly an end to his career as a Cav https://t.co/QeFOGLbL9Y

Fans are torn. While some believe the four-time NBA champion is no longer interested in winning championships, others have compared him to Michael Jordan.

The comments kept pouring in to “Skip and Shannon: Undisputed,” Bayless said James loves being in LA.

“My reaction to this, when I read this last night was I was surprised but not shocked. The reason I’m not shocked is – I told you from the beginning – LeBron James is not going anywhere else. LeBron James wants to be a Laker until death and the NBA do him part. He wants to retire a Los Angeles Laker because he loves living here in Los Angeles.

“He wants to make this his permanent, lifelong home. He wants to be in Hollywood. He wants to be a power broker in Hollywood.”

After talking about how much the family loves living in LA, Bayless said:

“The point is the Lakers know there is no threat here. For the first time in his career, LeBron James has no influence because they know he doesn’t want to leave.

“And I think they’re calling out his bluff about whether he would even consider going back to Cleveland in a year or two, even if there’s a possible connection to play with Bronny when he finally makes the NBA.”

.@RealSkipBayless on LeBron’s meeting with the Lakers about their future: “I’m not shocked because I said from the beginning that LeBron isn’t going anywhere else, he wants to be a Laker until the death and the NBA do him part.” https://t.co/MXptWoc2l9

James becomes an unrestricted free agent in 2023 if he fails to come to an agreement with the Lakers. The veteran has spent four years in Los Angeles and could retire as a Laker.

LeBron James seeks fifth NBA title

Carmelo Anthony, Anthony Davis and LeBron James (left to right) of the LA Lakers
Carmelo Anthony, Anthony Davis and LeBron James (left to right) of the LA Lakers

James and the Lakers missed the playoffs last season after finishing 11th. Despite having three future Hall of Fame players on their roster on the first ballot, the Lakers went 33-49.

However, the Lakers want to change something. They have been closely linked to Kyrie Irving since the Free Agency started, but have failed to reach a resolution with the Nets.

James has promised not to miss the playoffs in his career again. However, participation is not enough for the Lakers captain.

Health is the top concern of the Lakers, which is why most people don’t see them as contenders. But a healthy James and Anthony Davis can be a problem for opposing teams.

James, who turns 38 in December, is performing at the MVP level and came close to winning the scoring title last season. While he can’t carry teams like he used to, he remains an indispensable member of the team.

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