Mothering Sunday interview: Odessa Young reveals unexpected benefit of filming in the UK after living in Hollywood

As any Australian living away from home knows, sometimes it’s the little things that you miss the most.

and actress Odessa Young is no different.

As one of Hollywood’s biggest stars right now, thanks to her role in hit drama The stairsshe has lived in the US for years but found an unexpected advantage in filming her latest movie, mothers Day, in the United Kingdom.

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Australian actress Odessa Young in Mothering Sunday
Australian actress Odessa Young, who has lived in the US for the past five years, found an unexpected advantage filming her latest movie, Mothering Sunday, in the UK (Supplied/Transmission Films/Robert Viglasky)

“I didn’t think I could really find Vegemite anywhere,” Young tells 9Honey via Zoom.

“You know, I was really excited because I’ve been living in the United States for about five years now and I forgot that all Australian sweets (lollipops as we call them) are British lollipops too.

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“So I was really excited to be in England and find Cadbury and Maltesers and all my favorite chocolates, you know.”

Young says she enjoyed all the treats herself rather than getting cast and crew to sample them (like Vegemite). She didn’t try to teach them Aussie-isms either, but she did pick up some British sayings from a co-star Josh O’Connor

The Crown's Josh O'Connor in Mothering Sunday movie
Young’s co-star in the film, Josh O’Connor of The Crown, taught her some British pronunciations while on set (Supplied/Transmission Films/Robert Viglasky)

“I don’t know if I taught anyone Australian slang [but] I’ve probably said the usual, inappropriate, ‘inappropriate’ things, with lots of swearing and things like that – because everyone knows that’s how Australians work,” Young jokes.

“But I think for the most part I was trying to get a little bit more British in my attitude and sentiment. So I mean Josh really taught me some British idioms, which was a lot of fun, and I love learning new things. “

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mothers Day is based on a book of the same name and tells the story of a maid (Young) who visits her beloved lover (O’Connor) on Mother’s Day, before leaving to marry another woman.

Set in the post-World War I era, the historical piece features some steamy scenes, which were harder to shoot than usual thanks to the shooting that took place during the UK’s COVID-19 lockdowns.

Australian actress Odessa Young with The Crown's Josh O'Connor in Mothering Sunday movie
O’Connor says the couple’s steamy scenes were harder than usual as they were filmed during the UK’s coronavirus lockdowns (Supplied/Transmission Films/Robert Viglasky)

“Ultimately, you get tested so many times, so of course there’s only one kind of safe period to be super close,” O’Connor tells 9Honey via Zoom.

“I think it was hard, probably harder for the crew, who have to keep their masks on at all times. And that wasn’t easy, I guess, especially because they’re doing some sort of lugging gear.”

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The film also plays Young’s The stairs co-star Colin firth and reunites The crown‘s O’Connor with actress Olivia Colman

But the actor best known for Playing Prince Charles in seasons three and four of the Netflix drama, says he didn’t get much time with the queen.

Odessa Young plays the maid of Olivia Colman's character in their new movie Mothering Sunday
Young plays the maid of Olivia Colman’s character in their new movie Mothering Sunday. (included/shipping films/Robert Viglasky)

“It was actually a lot of fun,” O’Connor recalls of his partnership with Colman.

“I think we kind of did three jobs in a row because before” The crown we also worked together. I’m very lucky.

“We haven’t been able to do much, if something is wrong.” mothers Day, so we crossed over one day. But yes, it was very nice, very nice to be reunited again.”

Mothering Sunday is now in Australian cinemas.

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Olivia Colman in Mothering Sunday movie
O’Connor says he only got one day of crossover with his former The Crown co-star Olivia Colman (Supplied/Transmission Films/Robert Viglasky) while filming the movie

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