New Twitter game tries to simplify social media giant’s privacy policy

WTF?! Just when you think the Twitterverse couldn’t get any crazier — it does. Earlier this week, Twitter released a browser-based game to promote and help understand the privacy policies of the social media platform. The 2D side-scroller takes players on a browser-based walk where they have to avoid unwanted ads and DMs while learning how to “up their privacy game.”

Like most software and applications, Twitter’s privacy policy is often overshadowed, misunderstood, or simply clicked through and overlooked. Twitter Data Dash, a retro 2D platformer that runs in your browser, was released in an effort to make the company’s oft-overlooked privacy-related legal language a little more palatable.

In the game, players can control the main character of the game, a blue puppy named Data, to travel through PrivaCity (see what they were doing there) and collect bones.

As players navigate the city, they face dangers ranging from unwanted cat ads to unwanted trolls and DMs. Players use their keyboards to run, jump and dodge through four levels while collecting Data’s bones.

Those lucky enough to collect the bones and complete a level aren’t rewarded with fame and fortune, but instead with the best distillation of Twitter’s privacy policy their legal department can muster. Talk about excitement.

As an aside, Twitter’s approach to presenting otherwise dry and often overlooked content is a step in the right direction. Unfortunately, its implementation could use some work. The game’s controls can feel a bit clunky, allowing players to focus more on the controls and less on the intended messages.

The underlying message can also be somewhat unclear, with the game encouraging users to take action, such as avoiding ads that are otherwise unavoidable when using the platform.

No matter how effective or ineffective Twitter’s attempt to increase understanding, chances are we’ll see more of this trend designed to appeal to a much wider audience.

Image credit: Handle with care by Ravi Sharma

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