Families in Canberra say the ACT public health system is failing to provide adequate mental health care to young people

Late last year, 12-year-old Haven was admitted to hospital in Canberra for the second time with a form of anorexia. Haven’s mother Vanessa said the experience was every parent’s worst nightmare. “You want your child to get through this so badly and you don’t know if [they are] go,” she said. “You don’t know if … Read more

So and so, Canberra | restaurant review

Remember the name. The first thing we notice when we arrive at Such and Such at sunset is the play of colors broken by a striking wall of colored plastic glassware. It’s like looking into a kaleidoscope. The new venue of Dash Rumble, Ross McQuinn and Mal Hanslow, the team of titans behind Pilot with … Read more

ACT Australian of the Year 2023: Olympia Yarger

Olympia Yarger is a climate action campaigner, maggot farmer and founder of the Insect Protein Association of Australia. Olympia, the founder of the agritech start-up Goterra, is a pioneer in insect farming and has developed an innovative waste management system management system that uses maggots to handle food waste and reduce greenhouse gases. ABC’s Lish … Read more

Canberra man who allegedly scammed 65-year-old woman could be part of an international syndicate, police say

The ACT police are urging people to contact them if they have any concerns, after a Canberra woman was reportedly threatened to hand over around $70,000 in cash as part of a scam. A 28-year-old man from Harrison, in the north of the city, has been arrested and is due to appear in court today. … Read more

Canberra’s test results confirm that ‘ketamine’ is often another drug

According to Canberra’s pill testing service, people who buy the party drug ketamine are just as likely to turn to another drug. Most important points: Only 53 percent of the substances labeled “ketamine” are actually ketamine About 78 percent of MDMA, the most commonly tested drug in Canberra, is what it is described as An … Read more

Canberra man Ali Raza Razayee denied bail after allegedly raping and smothering woman he met on Tinder

A Canberra man accused of violently raping a woman he met online has been denied bail. Most important points: Police say the 28-year-old raped the woman at his home in Palmerston His lawyers claim the sex was consensual Officers say he met the woman through a dating app, but he says the pair met at … Read more

Jaya Hunn uses passion for plant and animal conservation to win Landcare Junior 2022 photo competition

Jaya Hunn was home sick when he learned that his photo of a sundew plant had won a national photo contest organized by Landcare Australia. The 11-year-old Canberra boy’s passion for conservation and plant life was recognized for the image of the plant glistening with dew in Umbagong District Park in northern Canberra. It was … Read more

Canberra man who allegedly attacked woman with burning spray can pleads not guilty to attempted murder

Canberra man Daryl Robertson, 52, will face an attempted murder charge but has admitted intentionally causing grievous bodily harm. Robertson allegedly assaulted a woman with a burning spray can in northern Canberra in September 2022, and was charged in December. He appeared in ACT Magistrates Court this morning and pleaded guilty to a lesser charge, … Read more

ACT Expands Confidential Pill Testing Service CanTEST As Evaluation Shows Most Users Throw Away Tainted Drugs

Canberra’s confidential pill testing service, which allows people to check what substances are in the illicit drugs they buy, has expanded. Most important points: The trial will be extended until at least August About 21 percent of controlled drugs were not what users expected An evaluation found that the agency encourages drug users to be … Read more

Thousands of protesters are gathering in Canberra to protest government restrictions and vaccine mandates for the coronavirus

Canberrans were again warned of chaos and traffic delays on Saturday as thousands of protesters gathered in the country’s capital over coronavirus restrictions and vaccine mandates. ACT Policing said on Friday it expected protest activity – which first began in Canberra late last month – to continue over the next two days. “Minor brief disruptions … Read more