Take your date to burlesque

“In a burlesque scene as diverse as Canberra’s, it’s nice to see yourself on stage.” – Jazida

Are you planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day the weekend before the 14th? Why not go all out and get a taste of Canberra’s burlesque scene?

Rachel Reid, aka Jazida, burlesque performer, producer, teacher and owner of Flazéda, an alternative performing arts hub in Belconnen, has been in the business since 2009. .

“Our scene draws from both classic burlesque and neo-burlesque revival, meaning there’s a lot of 1940s-inspired glamour, but there’s also a parody and a grungy, silly and playful scene we call Nerdlesque.”

The city known for its chief imports – civil servants – also has a subversive bratty appetite for its burlesque scene.

“Canberran artists have this brash, brash attitude, which is really unique to us, compared to the rest of Australia.

“In turn, Australian burlesque is more theatrical and less dance-based compared to America.

“Australians love to make ridiculous facial expressions and be very exaggerated, and so does Canberra.”

Friday 11 and Saturday 12 February is your last chance to catch Exotic HypnoticsJazida’s solo show funded by Arts ACT at the Belconnen Arts Center.

What she calls the culmination of years of training, in a “two-hour burlesque theater spectacle,” flaunts fire-breathing, aerial lyra and surprising vulnerability.

According to Jazida, the main appeal of taking your date to burlesque is simple: “Burlesque is all about empowerment and celebrating sensuality and sexuality…Truly every body type is represented and celebrated. Who doesn’t want to feel that way with a partner? ”

Taking lessons at Flazéda is also a weekend adventure for the more daring couples – although no one has to take off their gear!

“If you do burlesque long enough, nudity is the least interesting part,” Jazida said.

“Ultimately, burlesque is the art of teasing – it’s about revealing something. Maybe the revelation just happens to be what’s under your clothes, but you could also reveal a piece of your heart, or your eyes – maybe a mask is the last thing you take off.”

Flazéda is a social enterprise, financially accessible through grants. An Auslan interpreter will be available for the Saturday, February 12, 8pm performance of Exotic Hypnotics. Book via belcoarts.com.au.

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