Vicky White news update – latest: Jail cell phone recordings prove the guard’s relationship with Casey White

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Prime murder suspect Casey White is likely to face new charges after his jail term, according to the DA pursuing his case.

In the wake of his 10-day evasion — made possible with the help of correctional officer Vicky White, who died by suicide during a police chase — more details have emerged about how the pair managed to survive for more than a week under stay off the radar.

Dramatic police footage captured the moment a nationwide manhunt ended in Indiana earlier this week after White, a prisoner serving a 75-year sentence for attempted murder, was arrested and the body of his 56-year-old lover, Mrs. White, was recovered from a car wreckage was pulled. She died of what a coroner said was a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

A chilling 911 call released after the crash revealed that Ms White told the capital murder suspect, “Let’s go outside and run”. She also seemed to blame White for wanting to stay “in a ******** motel” right before their crash.

The investigation into the ordeal is still ongoing, as police are increasingly questioned about how the fugitives escaped arrest for more than a week.


How Security Guard Vicky White Broke Her Boyfriend Out of Alabama Jail?

In the days since Casey White’s arrest, a clearer picture has emerged of how prison guard Vicky White managed to free him from Alabama in the first place.

Using her position as a senior official, she sent 12 inmates and five deputies to court on the day of the escape in late April, making her the last remaining police officer in prison with transportation privileges.

From there, she said she took Casey White to a mental health evaluation in court, although no such appointment existed.

The prison officer then dumped her patrol cruiser and drove off in a 2007 Ford Edge she bought under a false name.

Josh MarcusMay 15, 2022 6:27 PM


Another prison inside job, this time in Louisiana?

A warden of a Louisiana juvenile detention center is suspected of helping three teens escape on Saturday.

“Arrival day shift workers discovered that three male juvenile residents, with the help of a female WYC [Ware Youth Detention Center] guard, had escaped from juvenile detention about four hours earlier,” the Red River Parish Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook.

Surveillance video captured 21-year-old security guard Victoria Tune driving three boys away from the facility in a 2010 Pontiac.

Police later caught up with the foursome after a multi-agency investigation followed them to a Houston, Texas motel and arrested the entire group.

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GoFundMe page raises over $3,300 for #CarWashJames seen by Vicky White

James Stinson, an Indiana car wash worker, noticed something funny about a truck that had been left behind on work days.

“I saw that the car was hanging out of the bay, which was unusual. He stayed there… Every time I left and came back, the truck was still there,” Stinson told News Nation.

Stranger still, the truck had Tennessee license plates, which seemed odd to him.

“I walked up to the truck and said, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s probably this guy from Alabama,'” he added.

He called the police and the tip eventually reached the US Marshals Service, leading to the Vicky and Casey White being taken prisoner in the town of Evansville, Indiana, after a chase.

Now, a GoFundMe page for Mr Stinson, known to some as #CarWashJames, has raised $3,316 of a $25,000 total goal.

The page was hosted by Mark White, who says he is a “friend and advocate” of the family of Connie Ridgeway, a woman Casey White confessed to murdering in 2015.

“Since that day, we’ve been seeking justice for Connie,” White wrote. “After talking to Connie’s son, Austin, we decided we would set up our own fundraiser.”

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Police have phone calls that prove Vicky and Casey White’s relationship

Recorded phone conversations in the prison between Vicky White and Casey White prove that the guard had a relationship with the inmate in Alabama, according to police.

The pair met at the Lauderdale County Correctional Facility in 2020 and kept in touch when White was temporarily transferred to the state prison.

When the couple went missing in late April, police spoke to inmates who said the two had been in a romantic relationship, a fact confirmed by records of phone calls between the two, Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton told The Guardian.

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Large crowd attends Vicky White’s funeral in Alabama

An estimated 200 people attended Vicky White’s funeral in Alabama, including law enforcement officers who stunned the district attorney by helping inmate and friend Casey White escape prison last month.

The service, on a sunny afternoon afternoon in the city of Lexington, took place about 40 miles from the county jail where Mr White escaped.

Several members of the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Department, which runs the prison, attended the funeral, although Sheriff Rick Singleton was not, the Daily mail reports.

“I think everyone is just tired and numb right now,” Jason Butler, director of the Lauderdale County Correctional Facility, told the publication. “I choose to focus on the Vicky I know – she was a close friend and colleague for 16 years.”

The eulogy reportedly made no mention of the dramatic manhunt for the couple.

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Stockings, Sex Toys, and a Conversation with an Old Acquaintance: Vicky White’s Days Before Jailbreak Revealed

In the days leading up to her daring jailbreak of alleged boyfriend Casey White, Vicky White flipped through the selection at an Alabama sex shop, according to an employee.

Anna Jackson, an associate of the Sugar & Spice store in Florence, Alabama, said she knew Vicky from a time in prison and saw the official correction at the store in late April.

Ms White bought a pair of sexy stockings and browsed through the selection of sex toys, Ms Jackson told The daily mail

“I knew Vicky from four months ago when I was in the Lauderdale County Jail,” she said.

Vicky White also visited a Kohl’s store around this time to buy men’s clothing for Casey, the Mail reports.

The store associate said Vicky White had previously supported her when she was in jail struggling with addiction.

“I was actively addicted at the time and Vicky was the one transporting me for my court dates and what not, so we had the opportunity to talk to each other,” she told the Mailadding: “On one of my court dates I was having a hard time dealing with it and seeing what my life would be like and Vicky was the one who said, ‘You got this.'”

However, on the day of their meeting, Ms. Jackson said White seemed rushed and distracted.

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Vicky White funeral in progress

A funeral is underway for Vicky White, an Alabama district attorney who helped inmate and lover Casey White escape from a county jail, and led police on an 11-day manhunt that saw Ms. White die by suicide as police entered, according to officials.

The service will take place at the Center Hill Cemetery in Lexington, Alabama, about 24 miles from the prison where the couple made their dramatic escape.

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WATCH: Dramatic police footage shows Casey White being captured and Vicky White being pulled from the car with gun in hand

Dramatic police footage has been released showing Casey Cole White, a suspect in the capital murder, being captured and the body of his lover Vicky White being pulled from their vehicle with a gun still in her hand.

Evansville police shared the footage Tuesday night when the coroner ruled the death of the 56-year-old district attorney a suicide and the 38-year-old career criminal was sent back to Alabama to face charges.

Shocking 911 audio also revealed that Ms. White was on the phone with a 911 dispatcher at the time of the crash, urging her two-year-old lover to “let’s get out and run” just before apparently shooting herself in the head.

Ms. White and White, who was serving a 75-year sentence and awaiting a murder trial for the murder of a 58-year-old woman, was finally traced Monday to Evansville, Indiana, after spending 10 days on the run.

View the dramatic images with this story of Rachel Sharp.

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Twitter wonders: Who’s going to play Vicky White in the TV version?

Hardly a day goes by without a true crime story getting the premium TV treatment, from HBOMax’s The stairs, to Hulu’s the outage

Officials are still unraveling the story of how the corrections officer helped Vicky White free alleged lover Casey White from an Alabama prison, but that has stopped some rather macabre speculation online about who might play Mrs. White in the glossy TV. not dramatization.

Some suggested Charlize Theron and Adam Driver play the pair of fugitives, while another commenter joked that it should be Patricia Arquette.

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Funeral of Vicky White for Saturday in Alabama

Vicky White, the district attorney who allegedly aided in the escape of Alabama inmate Casey White, will be buried Saturday at 1:00 p.m. CT in a Lexington, Alabama, cemetery before she committed suicide during a police chase.

In addition to a small number of family members at the service, anonymous members of the public appear to be offering support on an online memorial wall.

“I pray for all of you to have the peace that surpasses all understanding,” one commenter wrote. “I am so sorry for the loss of your daughter, sister, friend, loved one. I didn’t know Vicky, but I’m sure she’s in heaven now and resting in the arms of God.”

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