When will Axew shine in Pokemon GO?

Axew is an elusive Dragon-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO. It comes from Generation V of Pokemon and was introduced during the Trade Evolution event in 2020.

It is known for having one of the lowest appearance rates in the game, both in the wild and on egg hatching.

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Axew is hard to come by in Pokemon GO on its own, but some collectors are probably curious to see if it comes in a shiny form. At the moment, the glossy form is not available in the popular mobile title.

However, Niantic has announced the upcoming Pokemon GO Fest 2022, which will seriously introduce Axew’s shiny form. From June 4, 2022 and through June 5, 2022, players will have their first chance to earn a shiny Axew, both in the wild and in raids.

Getting Shiny Axew during Pokemon GO Fest 2022

Axew alongside his evolutions Fraxure and Haxorus (Image via Niantic)
Axew alongside his evolutions Fraxure and Haxorus (Image via Niantic)

Celebrations for this year’s Pokemon GO party are spread over every single day. Trainers, however, have the option to acquire Axew, and possibly his shiny form, during both days.

These odds can be further enhanced by purchasing the GO Fest ticket, which costs approximately $15.99. It provides additional benefits for trainers, including the ability to attract Axew with frankincense. But even without the ticket it should be possible to catch the shiny Axew with a bit of luck.

According to Niantic, Pokemon GO Fest 2022 will take place on June 4 from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM local time. During this time, trainers will be greeted with rotating habitat hours, each of which will be decorated with their own themed confetti.

It is possible to catch Axew in the wild during the plains habitat hour. However, it will be harder to find than the other Pokemon listed that appear during the Plains hour (Girafarig, Larvitar, Numel, Litleo, and more).

Trainers can choose to save their incense and lure modules for this specific habitat hour to maximize the number of spawns.

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All the chances and ways to catch Axew and shiny Axew during Pokemon GO Fest 2022

Starting June 4, Pokemon GO trainers will have to wait for Plains habitat hour (the hour marked by Niantic and stating that Axew will appear). The more players encounter Axew, the more likely they are to see his shiny form. Trainers must use all available tools to spawn Axew in their area, including incense and bait modules.

In addition to spotting Axew in the wild, trainers can take on Axew in one-star raids at gyms around the world. If Axew doesn’t show up in the wild, it might be better for players to head to a gym or two and fight Axew in a raid battle.

As a one-star raid boss in Pokemon GO, it should be pretty easy to defeat, especially if players use Ice, Fairy, and Dragon-type Pokemon. It should be noted that Dragon-type Pokemon should be used with caution, as they can be weak to Dragon-type moves, which Axew also uses.

Trainers who purchased the GO Fest event ticket will receive a boost to their incense, which will attract more shiny Pokemon into the wild.

Once players have purchased the ticket, they will want to use their incense during Plains Hour. This will not only increase Axew’s spawns, but also the chance that his shiny form will appear. This benefit is best used on June 4, as the frankincense effect will be less effective on June 5.

If trainers miss out on Axew’s shiny on June 4th, don’t worry, as they still have the option to catch him both in the wild and during raids on June 5.

Ticket holders will also get access to a Special Research story, which will feature many special Pokemon encounters.

It’s unclear which Pokemon will be in the research story, but it’s possible that Axew and his shiny form will be included. Details should emerge as Pokemon GO Fest 2022 approaches.

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