Who is Angela Kelly, Queen’s ‘best friend’ who has reportedly moved to Windsor Castle?

The world has watched Queen Elizabeth as she continues to cancel royal appointments and cancel events due to mobility issues, but it seems she has come up with a solution: moving her best friend, Angela Kellyto Windsor Castle.

Royal Source says Kelly ‘has been withdrawn’

The sun reported that Kelly first moved to Windsor during the COVID-19 lockdown, joining the royal “bubble” and helping the Queen with everyday things. However, it appears that the move is now quite permanent.

“She lives there now. She has withdrawn,” a source told The sun† Her suite is said to be right next to Queen Elizabeth’s and has a 42-inch television in her rooms. So, who is Kelly and why does the Queen rely so heavily on her?

Who is Angela Kelly?

Kelly joined the royal household in 1994 as The Queen’s Dresser. Her official title today is Her Majesty the Queen’s personal assistant, advisor and curator (jewellery, badges and wardrobe). She is also the senior dresser for the monarch.

As the Queen’s dresser, Kelly is responsible for all elements of Queen Elizabeth’s wardrobe, from everyday outfits and ball gowns to her jewelry and accessories. This doesn’t sound like too much of a responsibility, but there’s a lot of research going into the Queen’s wardrobe. Kelly must research the locations for royal visits, as well as the meaning of colors, to create outfits that don’t clash with the decor or send an unintended message.

Her work as a designer and author

Kelly doesn’t just choose clothes for the Queen; she designs it. Some of Kelly’s more recognizable creations include Queen Elizabeth’s outfit for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding, Princess Beatrice’s bridal gown that was reused from a Queen’s dress, and a replica of the royal christening gown worn by royal babies since 2008. is worn.

In addition to her royal work, Kelly also founded a fashion label, Kelly & Pordum, with Alison Pordum, another royal fashion worker. Pordum was the Queen’s house seamstress until 2008. Kelly has also written two books: Dressing the Queen: The Jubilee Wardrobe and The other side of the coin: the queen, the dresser and the wardrobe

Although Kelly’s responsibilities are related to the royal wardrobe, it seems that her relationship with Queen Elizabeth is very strong. The Queen’s declining health worries her friends, family and the public, but it’s good to know she’s surrounded by old friends like Kelly.

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