‘You’re Such a Liar’: Actor Brian Blessed During His Conversations with Queen Elizabeth II

Actor Brian Blessed says Queen Elizabeth II “finds him very naughty” after meeting him while he was performing in the West End.

Mr Blessed said that when he met Her Majesty, she was nice and poured him tea and coffee, as well as for his dresser – who panicked because of the royal presence.

‘What did she say when she gave me the OBE? … ‘I do believe that people have told me that you are impersonating me,’” he told Sky News Australia presenter Piers Morgan.

“I said no I don’t, she said ‘you’re such a liar’.”

Mr Blessed said he also worked closely with Prince Charles and considered the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall “damned wonderful people”.

“Great, he’s green, green, green, green, green, green, we need him,” he said.

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