Australian KFC customers cluck angrily over lettuce-cabbage switch

Australians are confused about local KFC shops’ decision to use cabbage mix on some menu items due to lettuce shortage

Fried chicken chain KFC said on Tuesday that high lettuce prices in Australia have forced the country to switch to a cabbage mix in burgers and other products, with customers complaining that the result is less than “finger lickin’ good”.

The local price of the green leaf has risen by as much as 300 percent in recent months, forcing the fast food chain to adjust the colonel’s recipe in some stores.

The company blamed widespread flooding in the east of the country for the problem.

A single head of iceberg lettuce in Sydney or Melbourne that once sold for around $2 now costs nearly $8.

The change certainly wasn’t the “bag” of some social media users.

“Feels like a sign of the apocalypse,” said another.

Originally published as Australian KFC customers clucking over the lettuce-cabbage swap

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