Erik Spoelstra says tinkering with Heat rotations will continue throughout preseason – Twin Cities

When it comes to the Miami Heat’s starting grid and rotations, coach Erik Spoelstra’s only concern is the starting point.

“We will figure out what we think is best for Game 1 and adjust where necessary,” Spoelstra said after training in the FTX Arena on Wednesday.

With four preseason games left, including double road games on Thursday against the Brooklyn Nets and Friday against the Memphis Grizzlies, Spoelstra said there is plenty of time to get things lined up for the October 19 season opener against the visiting team. Chicago Bulls.

“I’m open to anything right now,” he said. “I think it’s too early to find out.”

Spoelstra flipped through several combinations in Tuesday night’s season-opening defeat to the Minnesota Timberwolves and said there was even more experimentation going on behind the scenes.

“We’ve been doing those rehearsals regardless of whether everyone and the fans get to see it,” he said. “We had a pretty intense training camp working through different rotations and different lineups and different roles for guys. So that will continue for the rest of the preseason.

“We’re all thinking of this as a training camp until we get to that game in Chicago.”

Spoelstra made it sound like Thursday’s game will be the priority on the trip for his rotational players.

“We’ll be playing with as many guys as there are available on the first night,” he said of Thursday night’s game at Barclays Center. “If guys are playing big minutes one night, I’m definitely not going to play them big minutes the next.”

to the point

Spoelstra said it was no coincidence that Tyler Herro made a long turn as point guard during Tuesday’s exhibition, with a wing rotation that also featured Max Strus and Duncan Robinson.

“That was really a lot, because some guys were out,” said Spoelstra, with Jimmy Butler, Victor Oladipo and Gabe Vincent among others holding out on Tuesday. “And then I wanted to play Tyler for at least a few minutes, just get him used to initiating and have another ball handler who can help us go on the attack.”

Ultimately, even as a starter, Herro could swing to the point guard when Kyle Lowry is knocked out.

“His skills are such that he needs to be able to switch between playing the ball either as a spacer or a catch-and-shoot man or a dribble handoff man or different actions on the weak side,” said Spoelstra.

“And then he has to be able to know when at certain points where the ball will be in his hands, and he has a responsibility to make the best game for the team.

one more step

Among the flushers hailed after Tuesday’s loss was six-foot reserve Haywood Highsmith, who battles for minutes at power forward.

“He has really improved,” Spoelstra said of the former Division II prospect. “He has a big frame and he has a long wingspan. His natural playing weight would be around 230.235. Its running weight is less than 220. So it’s slim and fast, making multiple efforts.

“He’s like those boxers who lose weight, they still have the strength. And that’s what he has.”

On target

Striker Caleb Martin, a leading contender to replace departed free agent PJ Tucker as the starting forward, said his 5-for-8 shooting Tuesday night, including 2 of 4 on 3-pointers, was as expected.

“I feel like a lot of reps and just confidence,” Martin said of his off-season work payoff. “I think a lot of them just believe in it. When you second guess what your shot is, you hold it for a second and you try to aim it and you try to make sure you put it in the right place.


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