Former One Nation Senator Rod Culleton referred to federal police by the Australian Election Commission

The Australian Election Commission (AEC) has referred former One Nation Senator Rod Culleton to the Australian Federal Police to determine whether he lied in the nomination for the upcoming federal election.

Mr Culleton is the leader of the Great Australia Party, which, according to its Facebook page, is fielding 28 candidates in a number of states and territories.

In a statement, the AEC said Mr Culleton had nominated for the WA Senate ticket in the required manner and stated that he was not involuntarily bankrupt or insolvent.

However, the committee noted that Mr Culleton was listed as ‘unfired bankrupt’ on the National Personal Insolvency Index.

A provision in the Constitution means that he is therefore ineligible to serve as a senator.

Despite this, the committee remains powerless to do anything else, meaning Mr. Culleton will still appear on the WA Senate ballot.

“The AEC has referred Mr Culleton’s candidate nomination form to the Australian Federal Police to determine whether a false statement has been made,” the commission said.

“The outcome of the AFP’s investigation into this matter will be a matter for the AFP to advise in due course.

“If the AEC receives convincing evidence that other candidates in the 2022 federal election may have also signed false statements, we will consider whether similar references to the AFP are warranted.”

More to come.

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