Georges River to look at the cost of paying councilors’ pensions | St George & Sutherland Shire Leader

Georges River Council will look into the financial implications of making retirement contributions for its councillors.

The state government has amended the Local Government Act so that municipalities can provide pension contributions for councilors from 1 July.

Making a pension is at the discretion of each council and even if hired individual councilors have the choice to waive payment.

Retirement for councilors is seen as a way to encourage more people to raise their hands to serve on the council.

Bayside Council has already voted to support councilors’ retirement and estimates councilors’ pension payments would cost about $58,392.60 per year.

Georges River Council deputy mayor Councilor Kathryn Landsberry served this week’s Notice of Motion at the meeting calling for a report on the financial implications of paying councilors’ retirement contributions so that Georges River Council can determine whether this option whether or not it is exercised.

“Council councils have never been entitled to retirement benefits before,” said Cr Landsberry.

“Contrary to what people in the community may think, councilors aren’t really well compensated for the amount of work they do,” she said.

“I’m very ambivalent about it, but I’d like to see a report and what the financial implications would be for our board before committing.”

The report on the financial implications of paying pension contributions to councilors will go to the June meeting of the council’s Finance and Governance Committee.



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