How to get a job in Dubai Hotels?

Hotels in Dubai are generally very expensive and in Dubai you will mainly find five or seven star hotels. If you get a job in hotels in Dubai, you will definitely get a high wage than working in hotels in your home country.

Dubai Hotel Jobs

Further details about the types of hotels

Name a few hotels in Dubai, Radisson Sas, Rotana Hotel, Hyatt Hotel and of course not forgetting Burj al Arab and Burj Khalifa, Dubai Atlantis, the most expensive hotels in Dubai. In these hotels you will mainly find tourists from the west of the world. The standards of all these hotels are very high with strict punctuality; dress and courtesy in conduct must be maintained by hotel staff at all times.

To add more, there are also some furnished apartments in Dubai where you can also get a job. These have a bit of the same system as in a hotel, but the difference is that many residents also live in them permanently.

How do you get a job in Dubai Hotels?

Depending on the field in which you would like to work, for example if you want to become an accountant, the minimum requirement is a degree in the commercial field at the university level. To work as a receptionist, a bachelor’s degree is required along with basic knowledge of how to use a computer. Some hotels may want their receptionist to have a degree in IT. If you have a culinary or food and nutrition degree, you are qualified to work as a chef or cook. And you have to be very knowledgeable about the salary of a five or seven star hotel chef. Working as a waiter or room service provider only requires a college degree, but the pay will be the lowest.

How to apply for a job in hotels in Dubai?

Start by looking for several well-known hotels in Dubai. Some well-known ones have already been mentioned above. If you already have relatives in Dubai, take this opportunity by asking them to post or submit your resumes. If not, search for the hotel’s email or postal address and mail your resumes to those addresses. Remember, before you apply for a job in hotels in Dubai, you need to go through their requirements so that you know your suitability for that job. A diploma in hotel management is a plus as it will help you more easily find a job in hotels in Dubai.

Job Opportunities in Dubai Hotels

Well, since Dubai is the main tourist spot where you will find tourists all year round, there is no doubt that there is a huge amount of opportunities for job opportunities in hotels in Dubai. Especially during Dubai Shopping Festival and Summer Shopping Festival, the need for hotel staff increases. In addition, Dubai is home to many hotels, so if you miss the opportunity to get a job there, there will be many more to apply for.

In short, if you have the right level of education, there is no doubt that you will be accepted as an employer in a hotel. Since you know that Dubai is a tourist attraction where people from all over the world come all year round, the hotels in Dubai always need a large number of hotel staff.

Furthermore, the hotels have many branches not only in the city of Dubai but also all over the UAE. This increases your chance of a well-paid hotel job in Dubai.

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