It’s getting hot in Herrre: St. Louis weather expected to hit 90 degrees next week | St. Louis Metro News | St Louis | News and Events in St. Louis

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Could our fleeting Midwest spring turn into our fleeting Midwest summer?

In the famous 11 seasons of the Midwestern states, St. Louis has gone through the stages as predicted. We are past winter, the foolish spring, the second winter, the spring of deception, the third winter, and it seems we are in the mud season.

This weekend could really be spring as temperatures fluctuate into the 70s, so enjoy it as temperatures are expected to hit the 90s on Monday. Wednesday it will be 93 degrees.

Is it really summer? Maybe not. Later in the week, temperatures are expected to dip into the low 80s and above the 70s later in the week. But any excuse to eat Ted Drewe’s or a Tropical Moose Shaved Ice and we’ll do it.

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