Ontario Expands Its GO Train Service And This Is Where It Plans To Stop

On Thursday, the Ontario government announced that the Confederation GO station in Hamilton will begin construction in the fall. The transit project hopes to ease the stalemate and connect more people to their jobs, housing and transit over the next three years.

Prime Minister Doug Ford said at a press conference in Hamilton that the new station will connect people to the GO Train network. The service provides two-way services along the Lakeshore West line throughout the day.

“Building the new Confederation GO station will make it easier for commuters from Hamilton to access public transportation and fuel economic growth. Our government is doing it, delivering the convenient transportation options people deserve,” Ford said in a statement. a press release.

Transport Secretary Caroline Mulroney told reporters at the press conference that construction on the project will begin this fall and be completed by 2025. The expansion is expected to cost a total of $50 million.

The station will have several amenities, including an accessible island platform, a pedestrian tunnel and a pick-up and drop-off area for 15 vehicles. Commuters also have direct stair access from Centennial Parkway and have approximately 150 additional parking spaces to choose from.

The press release states that by 2041, an estimated 122,500 people and 63,900 jobs could be located within 5 kilometers of the Confederation GO station.

The county said it will support a “more integrated transit network” for Hamilton, ensuring better connections for local transportation and GO bus services, while setting up future GO rail services, extending from Toronto and Niagara Falls.

“We are thrilled to see the Ontario government and Metrolinx prioritize the construction of the Confederation GO station, which will better connect East Hamilton, Stoney Creek and the entire Golden Horseshoe area,” added Fred Eisenberger , mayor of Hamilton.

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