Pizza Hut skipped over the kids’ book club’s last pick

Pizza Hut has come under fire from its customers who are calling for a boycott of the pizza chain over a book recommendation it recently made for its children’s book club, which references a child turning into a drag queen.

The book in question is “Big Wig” by author Jonathan Hillman and illustrated by Levi Hastings, which “celebrates the universal childhood experience of dressing up and the confidence that comes with putting on a costume,” according to the Book It! book club website.

The website continues to describe the book, saying, “And it goes beyond that, recognizing that sometimes we dress differently than might be expected, how we become our truest and best selves.”

The book, which is aimed at PreK through 3 classes, has sparked a storm of anger on social media as Pizza Hut customers have called on the chain to approve it for children.

In a series of tweets, former Pizza Hut customers criticized the pizza maker saying he had “woke up”.

Others on Twitter said they slammed the restaurant by saying “It’s time to switch to Papa John’s” or they ate only at “Little Caesars” for now.

Still others said it was time to boycott Pizza Hut, while others said they lost a customer because of this decision.

Several people on Twitter said they would stop buying pizza from Pizza Hut and said they would avoid the restaurants from now on.

But many others supported the pizza company for recommending the “Big Wig” book.

The book “Big Wig” was published in February by Simon & Schuster. It’s a story about a kid who competes in drag in a neighborhood costume contest. Here they become BB Bedazzle, and a wig is an important part of their ensemble that helps instill confidence and inspire dreams in those who also wear the wig, according to the author’s website.

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