Players can still cheese the Destiny 2 Guardian Games event despite Bungie’s recent fix

No cheese goes unnoticed when it comes to the Destiny 2 community. If there is even the slightest solution to an activity, players will take full advantage of it. One of these exploits comes during this year’s competitive Guardian Games event, where everyone can score as many points as possible in one go.

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Bungie also rewards players with a rare decal that honors top scorers in the top 10% of the community. This decal will be given at the end of this season or at the beginning of season 17 to a select few people who have achieved the most scores in the Guardian Games event.

However, like many glitches, bugs and exploits, Bungie seems to be sticking with providing a permanent solution to keep the sandbox stable. While this solution appears to be finalized, it still doesn’t do much for the community.

Bungie’s fix on Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2022 exploit doesn’t invalidate high score cheese method

The recent exploit of Destiny 2 Guardian Games is arguably one of the most ridiculous bugs the community has encountered. Instead of killing enemies, players gained more points by breathing new life into their fellow fireteam members. This led to a huge accumulation of final scores, somewhere between 500k and a million.

Players with that many points are guaranteed to get the highest 10% emblem as Bungie calculates the “par score” at the end of each event. For example, if Guardian Games’ total par score was 900k, that meant players had to take 300,000 off the playlists without the exploits.

We’ve updated the Guardian Games community’s par scores (including top 10%) to ignore high scores achieved by repeatedly reinvigorating fireteam members. Everyone will still be eligible for the top 10% decal, but scores that are too high won’t unduly skew the “10%” threshold.

Using the exploits, it was possible to get 900k in the first week itself. As a result, Bungie has implemented a “fix” that should not penalize or void the first week’s cheese points, but give legitimate players a chance to run for the decal.

Bungie stated the following about the solution for Destiny 2 cheese:

“We’ve updated the Guardian Games community’s par scores (including top 10%) to ignore the high score achieved by repeatedly reinvigorating fireteam members. Everyone is still eligible to receive the badge from the top 10%, but too high scores will exceed the “10%” threshold.”

After further asking if last week’s high scores would be canceled, Destiny 2 Community Manager Liana Ruppert replied, “No.” Specifically, at the end of the third week, players can either make cheese or score a legitimate streak within the top 10% of the player base.

This “fix” does not invalidate the cheese score, but will cap the final score with Bungie’s par score, regardless of how many points a player has earned above that threshold.

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So the main difference between then and now is that cheese players can get Bungie’s total required score in less time, while legit runners need three weeks. The total score remains the same for everyone, regardless of the time. The top 10% is calculated based on the first player within the threshold.

Bungie could also increase the number of quotas to 20%.

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