Saeed Al-Kuwaiti, CEO of SEHA

Abu Dhabi (WA)

The Abu Dhabi Health Services Company “SEHA” has announced the appointment of Saeed Jaber Al Kuwaiti as the new CEO of the group. Saeed Jaber Al-Kuwaiti has 24 years of experience in healthcare and financial management, which he presents generously in his new role. His previous roles have included CEO at Tawam Hospital and Mafraq Hospital, both of which are part of the SEHA network, where he was responsible for many of the network’s successes and achievements. It is worth noting that over the past ten years, Mr. Al Kuwaiti has played an important role in strengthening the overall position of Tawam Hospital as a center of excellence in oncology. In his capacity as Group CEO, Mr. Al Kuwaiti will be responsible for providing strategic leadership within the SEHA network and endorsing Pure Health’s vision to promote longer and healthier lives for citizens and residents of the UAE . Salem Al-Nuaimi, Chairman of the Board of SEHA, said: “SEHA, under the leadership of Mr. Al Kuwaiti, with its track record, will continue its development path and improve its performance by providing the best health services in the country for for the benefit of citizens and residents, in accordance with the highest international standards. He added: “Seha’s merger with Pure Health will help make it more ambitious, integrated and comprehensive in implementing the vision of wise leadership to make the UAE healthier and happier.” Al Kuwaiti, for his part, said: “I have become an integral part of SEHA since its inception and strongly support and support the vital role our network plays in providing exceptional healthcare to patients in the UAE and abroad. ” He added that SEHA is truly the backbone of the healthcare system in the UAE, and I am deeply honored to become the CEO of the group and partner with – Pure Health – to take our organization to new heights, together will we are working to advance the health and well-being of the people in the UAE.” † Last January, it was announced that ADQ Holding, one of the largest holding companies in the region, will merge several healthcare companies, including SEHA and Pure Health, to create the largest healthcare platform in the country.

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