Signs Your Blood Sugar Is ‘Too High’

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High blood sugar is a serious health condition often associated with diabetes. If left untreated, high blood sugar can lead to stroke, heart disease, blindness and more – so early diagnosis and treatment is crucial.

These are the most prominent indicators that your blood sugar is “too high”:

The need to urinate often

Needing a bathroom more than usual can be a sign of dangerously high blood sugar. “The kidneys try to pour in more sugar to get rid of it,” says Dr. Ademolam. And when you excrete the sugar, you take the water with you.”


Doctors explain that excessive thirst is related to frequent urination. The body can feel the loss of excess water due to frequent urination and the normal response is to be thirsty.

constant hunger

The classic symptoms of starvation often stem from a person with diabetes being unable to use glucose as an energy source in cells. Glucose circulates in the blood, but cells cannot absorb it to use as fuel.


Feeling tired, especially after a meal, can be a sign of high blood sugar.

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