Spa and salon review: Blended Wellness

Relaxation awaits…

When it comes to health and beauty, it can sometimes seem like there are so many possible treatments, but so little time. Welcome to Blended Wellness – a multifunctional location where you can combine your treatments and switch seamlessly between a workout, a massage or a haircut.

Located in Dukes The Palm on Palm Jumeirah, it covers seven core areas: Spa, Fit, Salon, DuBanya (a Russian banya, no less), Barbershop, Aesthetic, and Indoors. Some sections are segregated by gender, but there is the option to book sessions for couples. Best of all, it’s all under one roof, so it’s an all-in-one place for your spa and salon needs.

A good way to judge a location is how they handle an accident. When I arrived there was a problem with my booking and the zen atmosphere was interrupted by a fire alarm. A problem or two is expected as it only opened recently, after all. Despite this, I was well looked after and relaxed in my Blended Wellness experience.

A quick session in the sauna — which may be on the small side, but is a welcome addition — helped open those pores. Take your pick from the salt cave, Himalayan salt sauna and, if you’re feeling brave, cold plunge pools. Guests who have booked treatments can enjoy them for free, but walk-in guests will be charged Dhs 180 for 30 minutes.

Not all spas are created equal, and when facials are on the menu, it separates the amateurs from the professionals. More often than not, it is a cream that suits everyone.

At Blended Wellness, my face was in the spotlight — literally — as the therapist took a close look at my skin, stretching it one way and pushing it another way. She then came to the conclusion that I needed a charcoal mask to deal with dryness and adult acne.

She was right – not only did she recommend products that I recently started using and noticed a difference, but in the 20 minute facial she was able to give me tips that I had taken years to figure out on my own.

The facial combined extractions — goodbye clogged pores, hello smooth skin — with a facial and head massage. Although it was on the short side, I recommend booking a longer one, for example the 60-minute Luxe Skin Deep Cleanse (Dhs500).

Finding a good hairdresser when you move to a new place is the stuff #hairgoals are made of. It may have taken me over a year, but Blended Wellness helped me find The One: Lucy.

The salon is oh so slick with its industrial chic interiors, massage chairs and healthy shakes. The washing, cutting and finishing (Dhs 350) involved the right amount of talk, accompanied by a lot of attention to my hair.

My hairdresser listened to my wishes and actually delivered – which is surprisingly rare. A face and haircut later I left knowing where to go for a good day for hair and skin.

Mixed Wellbeing, Dukes Hotel, A Royal Hideaway Resort, Palm Jumeirah. Tel: (0)4 423 8313.

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