What time is the mini-Budget today? Plus, what to expect from Truss’ tax cut plans?

Mr Kwarteng and Ms Truss are reportedly considering accelerating the 1 cent income tax cut – a cut in the base rate from 20 cents to 19 cents in the pound – currently slated for 2024. Mr Sunak confirmed the move when he was Chancellor earlier this year and it is rumored that the move … Read more

Households have cash again to beat the cost of living crisis

Two-thirds of households used an ATM this summer as the cost of living crisis drove shoppers back to notes and coins to help budget. Free-to-use ATMs are declining rapidly and businesses are increasingly refusing to accept notes and coins, despite growing consumer demand. Two in three consumers used an ATM this summer, according to an … Read more

Britain must prepare for a wave of sophisticated investment scams

Victims are losing their savings in a wave of investment scams as desperate households struggle to weather the cost of living crisis. The Financial Ombudsman Service, which mediates disputes between consumers and businesses, has warned of a spike in savers falling for bogus investment schemes that promise high returns. Victims have lost hundreds of thousands … Read more

Electric cars will be more expensive to drive than petrol

He added: “A full charge of a typical family electric SUV will cost 84 percent more from October than under the current limit. Public charge points also have no choice but to raise prices to reflect rising wholesale costs, which will have a major impact on drivers.” Electric vehicle drivers can get discounted electricity rates … Read more

‘I’ve lost £880 as Easyjet and Gatwick bicker over who is to blame’

In May this year, Andres Korin, 41, boarded an easyJet flight bound for Nice, France, after a three-hour delay at the airport. But while he and his family queued at the airlift, the flight was cancelled. “People had already boarded the plane and sat down when they canceled it. No one could get a straight … Read more

“I love Tucson. It’s a progressive place in a red state’: But I want to be near my daughter in Brooklyn. Should I sell my house and buy – or rent in New York?

I am a 66 year old high school teacher in Tucson, Arizona. I have a house in downtown Tucson, near the University of Arizona, worth $610,000. I have about $105,000 left on my mortgage. I have two roommates who pay rent, so I can pay off my mortgage. My ambition is to retire in four … Read more

Parents loot children’s savings to pay bills

Direct Line’s Vincent Guadagnino said it was “disheartening” that the cost of living forced families to eat into “savings they’ve worked hard to put aside for their children and grandchildren.” Kevin Brown, of Scottish Friendly, said parents saved nearly 30 percent less in mutuals’ child investment accounts. He said. “The rising cost of living will … Read more

Melbourne Rentals: Futuristic Space Shuttle Single Pods to Rent for $250 a Week

Desperate renters eager to skimp on space can rent a space shuttle-style capsule with a single bed for a staggering $900 a month. See how much (or little) you get for your money. Desperate Melbourne renters eager to skimp on space can rent a space shuttle-style single capsule for a staggering $900 a month. A … Read more

‘It’s crazy’: Realtors describe chaos in New York City’s hot rental market

Want to rent an apartment in New York City this summer? Say hello to skyrocketing prizes and a fight to the finish. Amid the heat and the occasional rain, there is a frenzied battle to rent affordable apartments in Gotham, which has been subpar for years. Brokers describe the chaos when it comes to prices. … Read more

‘British Gas broke into my house – and I’m not even a customer’

British Gas payees broke into a couple’s home – despite not being customers and having not used gas for over 30 years. The traumatic event is part of a wave of utility companies turning to debt collectors after utility bills more than doubled in the past year. Dox Doherty, 38, said he and wife Emma, … Read more