Abortion-friendly states prepare for more patients if Roe falls

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — Leaders of an abortion clinic in Tennessee calculated driving distances and studied passenger train routes as they scanned the map for another place to offer services if the Supreme Court allows states to restrict or abolish abortion rights. They chose Carbondale in Illinois — a state that has easy access to … Read more

Harris meets abortion providers as court ruling looms

WASHINGTON (AP) — Vice President Kamala Harris will speak Thursday with abortion providers from states with some of the country’s strictest restrictions to thank them for their work, the White House said. Harris’ virtual meeting with medical professionals working in Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Missouri and Montana comes weeks after the leak of a draft Supreme … Read more

1 dead after high school graduate from University of Tennessee

MURFREESBORO, Tennessee (AP) — Police say one person was killed and another injured in a shooting after graduating from Middle Tennessee State University on Wednesday night. WTVF-TV reports that police confirmed the shooting after graduation from Riverdale High School at Murphy Center, an on-campus arena. The injured victim is in hospital in critical condition. It … Read more

Biden has a crush on China as he heads to South Korea, Japan

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden sets out on a six-day trip to South Korea and Japan to build rapport with the leaders of the two nations while also sending an undeniable message to China: Ukraine’s faltering invasion of Ukraine. Russia should make Beijing dwell on its own saber chatter in the Pacific. Biden departs … Read more

911 dispatcher who took shooting call in Buffalo on leave

A 911 dispatcher has been placed on furlough and may lose her job after allegedly hanging on to a grocery store worker who hid during the Buffalo, New York shooting this weekend. “Termination will be sought” for the coordinator at a disciplinary hearing later this month, Peter Anderson, spokesman for the director of Erie County, … Read more

US warns that ruling on abortion could escalate into extremist violence

WASHINGTON (AP) – The leak of a draft Supreme Court opinion scrapping the constitutional right to abortion has sparked a wave of threats against officials and others and increased the likelihood of extremist violence, an internal government report said. According to a memo addressed to local government agencies from the Department of Homeland Security’s Office … Read more

Rival Libyan PM to establish government in Sirte after Tripoli clashes

CAIRO (AP) – One of Libya’s rival prime ministers said on Wednesday he will seat his government in the central city of Sirte, after clashes forced him to abort his attempt the previous day to move his cabinet to the Libyan capital, Tripoli. Prime Minister Fathi Bashagha has announced that he has chosen the city … Read more

New investigation into Australian mother convicted of 4 murders

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — An Australian attorney general on Wednesday refused to pardon a mother convicted nearly 20 years ago of suffocating her four children and instead ordered a new investigation into whether there is a medical explanation could be for the tragedies. The investigation will be the second in three years to find scientific … Read more

In Ukraine, limbs have been lost in an instant and lives destroyed

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — War has a price — for the countries that wage it, for the soldiers who fight it, for the civilians who endure it. For nations, territory is gained and lost, and sometimes regained and lost again. But some losses are permanent. Lost lives can never be regained. Neither do limbs. And … Read more

Man who shot protesters in Denver suburb jailed

DENVER (AP) — A man who shot and wounded two protesters while apparently aiming at a jeep that came toward the crowd during a protest to draw attention to police brutality in Denver suburbs in 2020 has been sentenced Tuesday to 120 days in prison, followed by five days. year of probation. Samuel Young, 24, … Read more