Guryong Village, South Korea: 500 people evacuated after massive fire in one of Seoul’s last slums

Seoul CNN — According to firefighters, about 500 people were evacuated from their homes on Friday after a fire broke out in Guryong Village, one of the last remaining slums in the South Korean capital of Seoul. The fire broke out at around 6:28 a.m. in the village’s fourth precinct, Shin Yong-ho, a Gangnam Fire … Read more

Bud Light and Budweiser are getting a makeover at this year’s Super Bowl

New York CNN — Anheuser-Busch may no longer be the only alcohol brand advertising during the Super Bowl, but it will still have a big presence — even if rivals seize the opportunity after a 33-year drought. The beer company announced Thursday that it will have three minutes of national airtime during this year’s big … Read more

Peru braces for protests as thousands of police prepare to guard the capital

CNN — Nearly 12,000 police officers are preparing to guard the Peruvian capital Lima as the country braces for mass protests on Thursday. A heavy police and military presence could be seen in the heart of the city early Thursday, with key sites such as the parliament, prosecutor’s office and army headquarters receiving additional protection. … Read more

John Yems: Backlash follows finding football manager who used ‘offensive, racist and Islamophobic’ language is ‘not a conscious racist’

CNN — Anti-racism groups and the Football Association of England (FA) reject an independent panel’s finding that a British football manager who used “offensive, racist and Islamophobic” language is “not a conscious racist”. Former Crawley Town FC manager John Yems was accused of making at least 16 offensive comments between 2019 and 2022, each comment … Read more

Taliban: Top UN female envoys visit Kabul to discuss ban on female aid workers

CNN — Some of the United Nations’ top female officials have met with Taliban leaders in Kabul to discuss the ban on female aid workers as Afghanistan battles famine and poverty. In December, the Taliban ordered all local and international non-governmental organizations to prevent their female employees from coming to work, as they risk having … Read more

France strikes: Workers walk out in mass protests against plans to raise retirement age

Paris/London CNN — Trains and flights were canceled in France, primary schools were closed and thousands of police officers were deployed as unions staged nationwide strikes on Thursday to protest the government’s plan to raise the retirement age for most workers. Protests in major French cities, including Paris, Marseille, Toulouse, Nantes and Nice, halted transport. … Read more

Protests in Peru offer a cautionary tale for democracies

CNN — Peru is experiencing its worst political violence in decades, but protesters’ grievances are anything but new; they reflect a system that has not worked for over twenty years. Following the ousting of former President Pedro Castillo last month, some of Peru’s most intense protests have taken place in the south of the country, … Read more

Immigration records contradict Santos’ claim that his mother was at the World Trade Center on 9/11

CNN — Newly Discovered Immigration Records for Rep.’s Mother George Santos seem to contradict the embattled freshman Republican’s repeated claims that she was present at the World Trade Center during the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. The records show that Fatima Devolder said she was in Brazil between 1999 and early 2003, not New York … Read more

Key ally of Netanyahu cannot serve as cabinet minister, Israel’s top court rules, sparking potential government crisis

Jerusalem CNN — Israel’s top court ruled 10-1 on Wednesday that Aryeh Deri, leader of the Shas party and a key ally of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, should not serve as cabinet minister due to a February 2022 conviction for tax fraud. Netanyahu should remove Deri from his position, the court ruling said. Such a … Read more

US attorney Elliot Blair was ‘victim of a brutal crime’ in Rosarito Beach, Mexico, dead, family claims

CNN — A US public defender who died this month while celebrating his first wedding anniversary in Mexico “was the victim of a brutal crime,” his family said, noting a coroner’s liaison told them the case had been sent to a local prosecutor “to conduct a possible murder. investigation.” Elliot Blair, 33, a deputy public … Read more