This sustainable brand from Toronto has gifts for everyone on your list

Anyone who’s had to keep their elbows open at the Eaton Center at the end of December will be able to tell you that it’s never too early to tackle your Christmas shopping, and with Black Friday approaching, there’s certainly no better time to do it for less. If you’re stuck on what to put … Read more

Taiwan’s virtual beauty brand struggles to debut on Wall Street

Hong-Kong CNN Business — Taiwan’s latest Wall Street entrant has had a rough ride since it went public a week ago. Shares of Perfect Corp., a software company that allows users to virtually try on makeup or jewelry from brands like Estée Lauder, LVMH and Shiseido, have fallen more than 40% of their share price … Read more

Why you should store metal jewelry separately from each other

If you’ve ever bought or received a piece of jewelry with a warning to keep it separate from other necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, but thought, “What’s the worst that could happen?” — the answer is: scratches and oxidation. “The problem is that if you put two metals together, you’re essentially making a battery; a galvanic … Read more

Annual Fall Craft Sale in Burnt Hills

BURNT HILLS, NY (NEWS10) — The annual Fall Artisan Sale takes place Saturday, November 5 and Sunday, November 6 at the Barn at the Bridge in Burnt Hills. The Saturday event starts at 9:00 AM and ends at 4:00 PM, the Sunday event starts at 12:00 PM and lasts until 3:00 PM Get the latest … Read more

Blue Ivy buys a pair of $80,000 diamond earrings at auction

blue ivy may only be ten years old, but she already has very expensive taste. The young Grammy winner attended the Wearable Art Gala in Los Angeles with her parents Beyonce and Jay-Z on Saturday where, to everyone’s surprise, she took part in the auction portion of the evening. Shared in a clip on Quinta … Read more

Happy Holidays End.. American Finds a $4,000 Pearl While Eating Oysters

A Pennsylvania man’s vacation with his family at a Delaware beach resort ended happily when he found a rare $4,000 purple pearl in a shell he was eating.leather mawsonScott Overland was eating in a restaurant salt air In Rehoboth, Dale, he was about to finish his meal when he found the precious pearl. The report … Read more

Expect big Christmas sales on everything but the bling

New York CNN Business — Retailers have already signaled big sales ahead for the holiday season – with one big, scintillating exception. Stores are looking for surplus clothes, shoes, toys, gadgets and furniture. But jewelry can dodge all those deep discounts. That’s because holiday jewelry sales have been on fire for the past two years. … Read more

The price of Saudi Arabia’s ring, Rajwa Al-Saif, in betrothal to Jordan’s Crown Prince, sparks speculation

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Photos of the engagement of Jordan’s Crown Prince, Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II, and of Saudi Arabia, Rajwa Al Saif, sparked wide-ranging interaction among activists on social media in recent days. Activists have speculated about the price of the engagement ring the Jordanian crown prince gave his betrothed. … Read more

Man finds rare purple pearl in mussel at Salt Air restaurant in Rehoboth Beach

Scott Overland was vacationing in Rehoboth Beach last week when he took his family for a seafood dinner at Salt Air Kitchen & Bar, an upscale restaurant in the coastal town of Delaware. The Phoenixville, Chester County resident, who serves on the board of his local school district, was stunned when he took a bite … Read more

Diamonds are still everyone’s best friends

The world of High Jewelry – known to its jet set customers as Haute Joaillerie – unveiled its latest collections in Paris earlier this month during Haute Couture week. While only a small number of VIPs are familiar with these exclusive in-person displays of venerable luxury homes, here’s a look at some of the season’s … Read more