COVID New York City update: Manhattan judge rules vaccine mandate invalid for PBA members

NEW YORK CITY (WABC) — A judge has ruled that New York City’s COVID vaccine mandate is invalid because it applies to members of the Police Benevolent Association. Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Lyle Frank ruled that the city cannot fire PBA members for failing to vaccinate, instead suggesting that the city make vaccination requirements part … Read more

End of Covid pandemic is ‘in sight’: WHO chief

GENVE: The world has never been in a better position to end the Covid-19 pandemic, the head of the World Health Organization said on Wednesday, his most optimistic view yet of the years-long health crisis affecting more than killed six million people. “We’re not there yet. But the end is in sight,” WHO director-general Tedros … Read more

US appears to recommend annual vaccinations for COVID-19 vaccines as Omicron boosters roll out – National

The United States is likely to start recommending annual COVID-19 vaccines, health officials said Tuesday, while new boosters are designed to combat the currently circulating variants of the coronavirus. By the end of this week, 90% of Americans will live within 5 miles of sites with updated vaccines, US Secretary of Health Xavier Becerra said … Read more

Million Covid deaths in 2022: WHO

PARIS: The World Health Organization announced on Thursday that one million people had died from Covid-19 by 2022, calling it a “tragic milestone” when all the tools to prevent deaths were in place. Nearly 6.45 million deaths have been reported to the WHO since the virus was first discovered in China in late 2019. But … Read more

5% of children aged five and under in Saskatchewan have received a COVID-19 vaccine

As students return to classrooms in a few days, doctors in Saskatchewan are urging people to get their COVID-19 boosters. The Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) has released some key statistics on the vaccination of residents of the province. Read more: dr. Shahab urges vaccination, masking as Saskatchewan ready to go back to school As of … Read more

Britain is first country to approve vaccine for ‘Omicron’ – Alittihad newspaper Al-Ittihad newspaper

Britain is the first country to approve a vaccine against “Omicron”Alittihad newspaper Al Ittihad newspaper Moderna’s updated vaccine against the Omicron mutant gains UK approvalArabic Britain is the first country to approve a vaccine for the mutant “Omicron”Sky News Arabia Sky News Arabia See full coverage of the news on Google News

COVID News: New CDC Guidelines Under Review by NYC Department of Education, Teachers’ Union Ahead of New School Year

NEW YORK CITY (WABC) — The CDC has issued new guidance on the COVID protocol that is easing restrictions on social distancing, contact tracing and quarantine. And with the school year just around the corner, many are wondering if students will return to a more normal classroom environment. The United Federation of Teachers will review … Read more

Long-term COVID risk higher in unvaccinated children, US study finds – National

A small study adds to the evidence that children can develop COVID-19 for a long time, even if the virus has not made them seriously ill. Researchers in Texas who followed 1,813 children infected with the virus between October 2020 and May 2022 β€” during the waves of the Delta and Omicron coronavirus variants β€” … Read more

North Korea to convene MPs in September

SEOUL: North Korea’s parliament will hold its next session in September, where it will discuss new laws and other organizational issues, state media said Monday. The hermit state’s legislative body meets only once or twice a year, usually for full-day sessions to approve budgets or other decisions the ruling Workers’ Party deems necessary. β€œThe 7th … Read more