A Mother’s Journey to Get Her Children Vaccinated

Eleven years ago, Kristen O’Meara was hesitant to vaccinate her newborn daughter. “I was suspicious,” O’Meara recalled. “I’ve done a lot of anxious hand-wringing.” O’Meara, director of special education at a charter school in Chicago, said she began her online research with questions prepared to find answers that reflected her bias. “I got to thinking, … Read more

It’s a myth that sunscreen prevents melanoma in people of color – explains a dermatologist

By Adewole S. Adamson, University of Texas at Austin Melanoma is a potentially deadly form of skin cancer that affects people of every racial and ethnic group. The risk factor most closely associated with developing melanoma is exposure to ultraviolet or UV rays from the sun. In fact, sunburn has been linked to a doubling … Read more

Should You Get a COVID-19 Booster Shot Now or Wait Until Fall? Two immunologists help weigh the options

By Prakash Nagarkatti, University of South Carolina and Mitzi Nagarkatti, University of South Carolina While COVID-19 vaccines remain highly effective in preventing hospitalization and death, it has become clear that the protection offered by current vaccines diminishes over time. This requires the use of booster shots that are safe and effective at boosting the immune … Read more

Colon Cancer 101 – HealthyWomen

Thedr. Robert Nagourneymedically assessed this document March is the National Colon Cancer Awareness Month† Colorectal cancer starts in the colon or rectum and is also called colon or rectal cancer, depending on where the cancer cells were first found. The colon is the part of the colon through which food moves, and the rectum is … Read more

What your scent says about your health

There’s body odor, and then there’s body odor† Sure, we can all smell a bit from time to time — and that’s to be expected — but sometimes unusual body odor can be the result of an underlying condition. We asked Dr. Sharon Allison-Ottey, executive director of the COSHAR Healthy Communities Foundation and a member … Read more

Race, gender and the ways these identities intersect in cancer outcomes

By Timothy Pawlik, The Ohio State University† Elizabeth Palmer, The Ohio State Universityand Samilia Obeng-gyasi, The Ohio State University The Research Brief is a brief look at interesting academic work. the big idea Belonging to one or more groups with long-term social and economic disadvantages increases the risk of cancer diagnoses and death, according to … Read more

My symptoms were dismissed as hemorrhoids, but I had colon cancer

As told to Liz Sauchelli The day I was diagnosed with colon cancer, my husband and I bought a bottle of champagne. We drove home from the hospital crying and all I said was, “Honey, we have to stop and get a bottle of champagne because we’re going to have a cancer toast and be … Read more