Health reveals the benefits of the Maternal and Fetal Health Initiative to the beneficiaries of its services

The initiative of the President of the Republic to take care of the health of the mother and fetus, carried out by the Ministry of Health, revealed the services it provides to the mother and fetus, including: 1- Research, analysis and treatment are free and carried out in complete secrecy 2- Integrated care … Read more

Cases of poisoning caused by meat … and this is what the Ministry of Health revealed

After registering fifty cases of food poisoning in the Bekaa region as a result of eating raw meat, the Ministry of Health indicated that “the health department in the Bekaa region did Meat examined in 4 butcher shops distributed in Saadnayel and Rayak and two butchers in Rashaya. The results of the tests showed that … Read more

Health: 303 hospitals to assess diabetes cases under the Maternal and Fetal Health Initiative

dr. Fawzy Fathy, Executive Director of the Maternal and Fetal Health Initiative, confirmed that the initiative’s services are provided in all health departments and medical centers, and that cases requiring advanced medical examinations are referred to 90 referral centers for B and HIV, in addition to 163 referral centers. Syphilis patients across the country, as … Read more

Health reveals the goals of the president’s initiative for maternal and fetal health. know the details

The Ministry of Health and Population has confirmed that the aim of the President’s initiative to take care of maternal and fetal health is the early detection of infectious diseases in the pregnant woman, in addition to preventing transmission of infection on the child, and as providing early treatment to the pregnant woman and protecting … Read more

Health: One million and 490,000 women were surveyed as part of the Maternal and Fetal Health Initiative

The Ministry of Health and Population announced the survey of one million and 490,000 women as part of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s initiative to “care for maternal and fetal health” for early detection of maternal-borne diseases. fetus, and to provide free treatment and health care, under the slogan “100 million health”, since the initiative’s launch … Read more

Hope is knocking on the doors of cancer patients..a promising vaccine is on the way

Only a quarter of patients live a year or more after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and it often goes undetected because the immune system doesn’t view the tumor as a “threat,” according to the same source. A team of researchers, led by Dr. Vinod Balachandran of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York … Read more

Al-Sisi adviser reveals: this is how Egypt works ‘healthily’ with Africa

Taj El-Din added in exclusive statements to “Sky News Arabia” that “Egypt, with its capabilities and capabilities, whether it be for people, medical specialties or drug production, including very strong pharmaceutical institutions, can help African countries. period that witnessed the Corona pandemic and the Ukrainian war proved inclusive. There is no doubt about the need … Read more

When does the compulsory admission of patients to mental healthcare institutions end? .. The law answers

The Mental Health Act prohibits the detention of a psychiatric patient in a mental health institution for longer than a week, except after two psychiatric examinations have been carried out for the patient by psychiatric specialists registered with the regional council for mental health care. According to the law, the evaluation cannot be … Read more

Xinhua Asia-Pacific News Feed at 0600 GMT, June 2

CANBERRA — Influenza cases in South Australia (SA) have risen, raising concerns about pressures on the hospital system. According to data released by SA Health on Wednesday, the number of confirmed flu cases in the state has risen by 673 to 1,868 in the past seven days. (Australia-Influenza-COVID-19) † SEOUL — South Korea reported 9,898 … Read more