Two men arrested and charged in Michaela McAreavey case released on bail

TWO men arrested and charged in connection with the Michaela McAreavey case have been released on bail.

Andip Moneea, 52, who was acquitted of the teacher’s murder in a 2012 lawsuit, was taken into custody this week on charges of conspiracy to commit theft from the hotel room where Ms. McAreavey was murdered.

Last month, another former hotel worker – ex-security guard Dassen Narayanen – was charged with the same crime.

This morning, a spokesman for the Mauritian police said both men have been released on bail.

Each agreed to pay a bail at a hearing on the island in the Indian Ocean.

“Two persons have been arrested, namely Dassen Narayanen for theft and Sandeep Mooneea for conspiracy to commit theft, and after questioning, they were both released on bail today,” the statement said.

Mooneea and Narayanen are accused of conspiring with each other to steal a magnetic key card to the room occupied by Mrs. McAreavey and her husband to commit theft.

Last night, Moonea’s attorney said he had not gained insight into any new evidence that had come forward regarding his client.

“There is no substance to the charges,” he said.

“It is based solely on a new statement by Dassen Narayanen, who has proven to be an unreliable witness in the past.”

Mr Valayden attended the Mapou Distcru court in Mauritius yesterday to request that the charges against his client be dropped.

A decision on this motion, as well as a motion to release his client on bail, will be heard on Tuesday.

He said Monnea was “devastated” by his re-arrest, more than a decade after he was acquitted of Ms Mcareavey’s murder, but that he believed he would be released on bail next week.

In March of this year, Dassen Narayanen was taken into custody on charges of conspiring with another hotel employee to steal a magnetic key card to gain access to the room in which Michaela McAvreavey and her husband are committing theft.

A police officer who testified at the 2012 Supreme Court trial told the court that Narayanen was not one of the killers, but claimed he provided the key card that opened the room as part of his role in a widespread racket to steal from guests. to steal.

Traces of the guard’s DNA have been found on an unauthorized ‘dummy’ magnetic card found in the hotel’s security office where the actual staff card that opened the door to room 1025 should have been.

The card used to gain entry two minutes before Mrs. McAreavey entered her room has never been found. A possible genetic match to Narayanen was also found on a 1025 bathroom cabinet that contained a safe.

But a DNA expert said it could have been a chance finding and wasn’t definitive proof that he had touched it.

In subsequent media interviews, Narayanen alleged that police beat him and held a revolver to his head before making him sign a statement stating that he gave the stolen master key card to Sandip Moneea on January 10, 2011.

A second statement, which he also claimed was fabricated, involved another staff member, Seenarain Mungroo.

Mr Mungroo was questioned and charged by the police, but the charges were later dropped when it was revealed that Narayanen had made up the story about him.

Ms McAreavey, 27, was strangled to death in her room at the Legends Hotel in Mauritius on January 10, 2011.

The teacher, who had married husband John ten days earlier, was reportedly assaulted after returning to her room alone and disrupting a break-in.

No one has been convicted of the murder of Gaelic football manager Mickey Hart’s daughter.

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