Ukraine.. The departure of civilians from the “Azovstal” complex in preparation for their evacuation

On Saturday, twenty civilians left the Azovstal complex, where the last Ukrainian troops are entrenched in the Black Sea port of Mariupol, to go to Zaporizhzhya, according to the Azov battalion, which ensures the protection of the site.
“Twenty civilians, women and children … have been taken to a suitable place and we hope that they will be evacuated to Zaporizhzhya, which is in the area under control of Ukraine,” said deputy commander of the Azov battalion Svyatoslav Palamar .
“Russian artillery bombarded the site all night,” Ballamer added.

The military official confirmed that “the evacuation convoy we were expecting at 6 a.m. arrived at 6:25 p.m..” “The Azov Battalion continues to remove the debris to get the civilians out… We hope this procedure will continue until we can evacuate all civilians,” Ballamer said.
Hundreds of Ukrainian fighters and civilians are still hiding in a network of Soviet-era tunnels, many of which are in need of medical attention.

The latest satellite images from the company “Maxar Technologies”, taken on Friday, show damage to almost all buildings of the steel plant complex.
Traces of bombing appeared on the roofs of some buildings, while others completely collapsed and others were turned into rubble.
“Many leaders are trying to save the city’s heroic defenders. We discussed this extensively with the UN Secretary General during his visit to Kiev. We are doing everything we can to ensure that the evacuation mission from Mariupol is carried out,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a video on Saturday evening.

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