Victorian state election: Dan Andrews on course for narrow majority, says Newspoll

Daniel Andrews appears to be on his way to a third term as Victoria’s premier, according to the Newspoll on the eve of the state election.

The poll, conducted exclusively for The Australian, has the Labor government on track to hold 45 to 50 of the 55 seats in the 88-seat parliament – a slim majority at worst.

The two-party poll put Labor at 54.5 to 45.5, half a point higher than three weeks ago.

If that were reflected in Saturday’s election, it would represent a 2.8 swing to the coalition since 2018.

Labour’s primary vote is at 38 percent, according to Newspoll, with Matthew Guy’s Coalition at 35 percent.

The Greens are at 12 percent and the Independents at 15 percent.

Mr Andrews and his wife Catherine, along with their two voting-age children, Noah and Grace, were pictured smiling in front of the polls as they voted early on Friday.

“Like so many other Victorians we have a few things to do on Saturday so we voted early and are on our way to somewhere else,” Andrews tweeted.

Mr Andrews’ seat is Mulgrave in Melbourne’s southeastern suburbs, meaning he broke with tradition by not casting his vote on Election Day and doing so outside his seat.

Opposition leader Matthew Guy confirmed he would vote in his own seat in Bulleen on Election Day “as you would expect”.

“I voted early, but with a bunch of cameras at a press conference, not secretly,” he told Today.

Originally published as Newspoll: Daniel Andrews on Course for a Slim Majority Ahead of Victorian State Elections

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